How To Dress For A Casino Party

by - Sunday, June 16, 2013

With online casinos such as Intertops Casino increasing the number of casino-themed parties being held, you need to make sure you have the perfect outfit, ready to pull out of your wardrobe at a moment’s notice. An invite to a friend’s casino party can be sometimes difficult to gauge what to wear and what not to wear. One thing is for sure, if you were going to a casino you would dress to impress and going to a casino party is no different. This article intends to provide both the women and men with a few tips on how they can enjoy gambling in true style while wearing the right clothes for the occasion.


Floral designs and pastel colours are the styles you should look out for in 2013 and you can use these when looking for your casino party outfit. In casino films, you will see all the women in beautiful, elegant cocktail dresses. However, you can make a statement with this spring’s must have, a floral cocktail dress. Match with some gorgeous stiletto heels to finish off your formal outfit and along with the classy cocktail dress with floral design you will be set apart from the other guests. This combination will show both your sophisticated and fashionable side, making sure eyes are fixed on you and not the cards in front of the other guests.

If you want to go for a more casual look whilst ensuring people are in awe of both your style and elegance, combine a pastel coloured maxi dress with some gold jewellery and neutral open-toe wedges or chic sandals to finish off the outfit. This look is perfect for a late spring’s evening casino party, allowing you to elegantly glide from table to table and comfort means a clear mind for when placing your bets. Reece, Ted Baker and Coast have a gorgeous new collection of both floral cocktail dresses and pastel maxi dresses which are at the forefront of the fashion world.


You may think it is easy to dress your man for a casino party. Why not help him stand out from the other men with a fashionable and comfortable suit? Adolfo Dominguez has a fantastic range of suits however; as it is nearly summer why not get a smart black linen suit, an essential item for any man’s summer wardrobe. Match with their simple long-sleeved shirt with contrasting grey false linen washed effect details which will set him out from the other men and finish off his outfit with some smart black brogue-style leather shoes. This outfit portrays a man in control of his fortune, and the summer-friendly style will put him at ease whilst placing those big bets.

Casino themed parties have always been popular and will continue to be, however, this does not mean you have to go for the usual black tie 007 look for men or the sparkling black cocktail dress for women. Set yourself out from the crowd and wow your friends as you and your partner are dressed to impress this spring and summer with the above styles.

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