How To Volunteer In The UK?

by - Sunday, June 30, 2013

There are so many reasons people decide to volunteer in the UK alone. Whether you are just looking to meet new people or if you are looking to help others who are in less fortunate ways the route into volunteering has so many rewards which will make your experience extremely satisfying. 

Increased competition in workplaces with the state of the current economic climate has meant that volunteer work is a very good inclusion on the CV. It can help you show that you have developed essential work skills and also shows drive and determination which is very difficult to replicate in any other activity. 

There is no doubts that volunteering is a effective way to strengthen your CV as employers will look favourably on any potential employee showing the skill sets which you get from volunteering. It is important to note that volunteering is not something which you have to go abroad in order to do. There are many many organisations which you can volunteer with in the UK. 

Army Cadets [website here] is a great volunteering opportunity. It is nationwide and adult volunteers will work closely with younger cadets and helping develop their skills. You will be working as part of a team and through Army Cadets you can get qualifications if you desire to or just partake in fun activities. Army Cadets is one of the most rewarding places to volunteer as you work in a close team within your current community. This will help you in becoming more sociable with other volunteers and really does help in making strong friends. 

You could also look to work with Salvation Army which is another great way to help those in needs. Those who are without shelter is not just a problem for other countries, it is a problem also in the UK. Salvation Army does help those who are in need and tries to get food and shelter to people who may well be without anybody to rely on. Once again with any volunteering the more you volunteer the closer you grow with the people you meet through volunteering. 

It's also important to note that areas with high volunteering has higher standards of living due to the low crime figures, better general health and students receiving higher academic grades. Personal happiness is also attained through fulfilling a role in society. There is not many better ways to feel more fulfilled then doing a selfless act purely to help improve another persons life. Army Cadets and other organisation are always looking for volunteers regardless of if you are in Wiltshire and looking for volunteer options or in Scotland, so please try to volunteer if you can.

… This is provided by a leading volunteer.

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