I Missed The Bus–My First … So Far

by - Friday, June 21, 2013

On weekdays, I always take the bus from work to the bus and train terminal where I need to switch busses.  However, on weekends and holidays like today [Midsummer’s Eve], I walk from work to the terminal and catch the main bus that’s going to take me home.

Unfortunately, I did something stupid today that made me miss my bus.  I took a wrong turn which I thought was a short cut to the station.  The first two minutes, I could already sense that something was wrong but I went on and bam! --- dead end!  Uncool.  Lost five minutes trying to figure out the failed short cut and another five minutes tracing back my steps to the right track.  Stressed, I was!

I walked my heart out.  I took really long and quicker steps [even ran a bit] with hopes that the bus would still be there waiting for me.  Well, of course, as per the title of this post, I MISSED THE BUS by four minutes.  Yes, busses in Sweden are most of the time on time and will not wait for anyone.  Proven and tested by today’s experience.  *pout*

Since I had one whole waiting hour before the next bus arrived, I decided to check the shopping center located on the other side of the main road but it was closed.  Holiday, remember? *another pout*

The stomach was making funny noises so I took a chance and walked in the bus station’s food corner.  I got lucky this time as it was still open.  I grabbed a grilled sausage sandwich and paired it with half a liter of cold Coca Cola - to go.  *big smile*

I took my spot on the bench and that first sausage bite made the tummy happy!  I turned the bottle of Coke and ta-dah --- it says [in English] “Share a Coke with Madeleine” – which is my boyfriend’s sister’s name.  Cool, huh?  It’s just that Madeleine wasn’t with me so I drack it all myself instead.

Finally, the 60-minute wait was over and the bus ride home began.

So, this has been my Midsummer’s Eve of 2013.  How was yours?

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