Keep Down the Costs of Motoring

by - Saturday, June 01, 2013

In the current climate, keeping your vehicle running can prove to be a particularly expensive task. Unlike other outgoings it can often, for various reasons, prove challenging for drivers to predict their exact motoring expenses for the year ahead. That said, there are numerous ways in which they can help to keep costs down.

Use a Council MOT Testing Station first

An MOT is an essential for all those with their own vehicle and can prove to be a particularly daunting prospect for those fearing the worst in terms of what they are likely to be billed. However, before you get out your credit card why not make use of one of the free MOT Test Centres offered by many local councils? These will conduct a full test for free and because most don’t carry out repairs themselves it ensures there’s no hidden agenda or reason for non-existent faults to be pointed out. It is also worth knowing that, for cars, local garages can only charge up to a maximum of £54.85 for conducting the test itself.

Ask for a better deal on breakdown cover

With many things in life it can often just feel easier to accept the price you are quoted and pay up, as quite often companies are reluctant to budge. One area in which this is not always the case is vehicle breakdown cover. So when the time comes to renew, rather than just settling ask for a better deal. Quite often the company will be willing to match the rate offered to new customers – it’s just a case of haggling with them.

Compare car insurance deals

As with breakdown cover, if you want to save money then don’t allow your car insurance to automatically renew. Instead, it is well worth seeing the various options available, just as you would compare the best deals on credit cards. This is now easy to do using the various comparison websites available and by directly approaching those organisations not listed. Once you do find the best deal try contacting the company to see if they can reduce it still further and also ask your existing insurer if they would be willing to match it – or better – beat it.

Keep down the costs of petrol

Petrol costs typically tend to be on the rise, but that’s not to say that slashing your expenditure on them is impossible. Firstly, it is always wise to find the lowest prices in your area and whenever possible fill up with enough fuel to see you through until your next visit. It may also be worth thinking about the way you drive, as simple steps such as keeping revs under 3,000 and improving road positioning can make a big difference. Uncluttering your vehicle can help too, so take out any unnecessary items as the added weight will increase petrol consumption.

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