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by - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Call me crazy, but there is just something I love about a man wearing a Barbour jacket. Maybe it’s the timelessness of the coat, or the associations I make between it and the countryside, my childhood and my love of the outdoors. I don’t care whether the wearer truly is a sheep-shearer or simply a Hackney Farmer, the illusion is there and I love it.

Barbour has been making men’s jackets for over a century now. Did you know that the oldest living Barbour jacket was made in 1910 and is known by friends as ‘Uncle Harry’? Now, I’m not sure if I would enjoy going out on a date with a man wearing a jacket quite as old, but you’ve got to admire the longevity.

A man in a Barbour jacket has to have a certain level of good taste. He is, after all, buying into tradition and heritage by purchasing such an iconic coat. The man must also have a practical, handy side, as he has put some thought into purchasing a coat which, thanks to its waxed cotton material and inner fleece, is both warm and waterproof. Such a man could surely be guaranteed to both provide for his family and to do so with style and panache?

Perhaps this is asking too much, nevertheless, we can only dream. Here I have compiled a list of my top 5 Barbour jackets for men. Read and take note, all you bachelors out there, this may just be the key to securing a young girl’s affections.

1. International Ariel Polarquilt

This number is a quilted jacket not quite like any other. Perfect both in terms of warmth and of style, the iconic design of a quilted jacket holds a timeless appeal for Barbour lovers everywhere. A fleece-lined inner makes the jacket extra comfy, whilst classic tailoring gives the Ariel a distinctive edge.

2. Steve McQueen Rexton

This jacket is modelled on the A7 International Barbour Jacket. It lives up to its name, with the American flag emblazoned on the inner lining. With various pockets adorning its front as well as a belt, the Rexton will evoke all sorts of nostalgic meanderings from its admirers. Weighing 8oz, the coat will certainly keep the wearer warm and waterproof, while looking as retro-chic as Steve McQueen did in the original.

3. International Duke

A re-worked classic is the perfect option for those wishing to wear something a little different this spring. Referencing the salubrious Barbour Enfield jacket, the International Duke will be a sure fit hit this season. With a nod to the heritage of the Barbour emporium, this jacket is of medium weight with a slim fit. A modern cut makes the jacket ideal wishing for those wishing to be seen as trendy, but who want to keep a link with tradition.  

4. International Burgat

A shorter length Barbour jacket, this creation is aimed at motorcyclists and motorsport enthusiasts alike. Creating an edgy, cool image, the coat is comfortable and practical to wear. The shorter length makes it a more attractive option for anyone wishing to wear it whilst doing sport. With a waterproof wax cotton exterior, the jacket is also guaranteed to keep out the wet.

5. Lifestyle Stable

A wonderfully charismatic jacket, this Barbour coat is made from quilted wool and has a semi-tailored cut. Its fitted style makes the wearer appear cool, calm and in control, no matter what the weather. If you wish to look stylish and smart, choose a Sable Barbour jacket for a classic design with a modern British twist.

written by a natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

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