Small Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

by - Thursday, June 06, 2013

Father's Day is on the third Sunday of this month and I am still looking for a gift idea for my dad. I used to send a card, but this year I am looking for a small gift I can post as well. Well, it is a day to honour fathers, so it must be something he appreciates. Here are my initial ideas and thoughts.

Anything for the Barbecue

After the coldest spring in 50 years, the weather is getting better, which calls for some friendly evening barbecues. Although my mum used to take over the responsibilities for the cooking, my dad was, and always will be, the barbecue-master. So any barbecue equipment such as a personalised apron or mitt may be a good gift-option.

Helping his smoking habit

28 % of the British men smoke: Sadly my father belongs to this group. Lately, he is suffering from serious sleeping problems and sometimes wakes up because he has respiratory problems. My Mum and I suspect that the smoking is causing these problems.

Unfortunately, my dad is this kind of guy who is reluctant to visit the doctor – the reason might be that he knows already that he will be told to quit the smoking. I remember him going once to the doctor –having persuaded him - but he was laughing off the doctor’s words – maybe he just doesn’t want to look weak or be forced to quit smoking. He tried it a lot of times, being even able to stop this habit for as long as a year. I saw him, however, always getting back to it, so that I do not have much hope left that he will be ever able to quit for good.

The other day I spoke with one of my workmates who is smoking electronic cigarettes. I did some research online and found sources which say that these electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, and are therefore, less harmful to the smoker’s health. They simply vaporise a liquid which contains the nicotine, so I might get him one of these from the likes of www.freshcig.co.uk.

Something for the garage

My last idea is based on the fact that my dad loves crafting in his garage. He spends a lot of time and sometimes shares a beer with a neighbour there. I guess, sending him a gift which enhances his garage may please him too.

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