The Most Popular American Car Of All Time

by - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cars do not just have to be another mode of transport; the enthusiasm for vehicles can go much deeper than that. People across the globe are passionate about all things car related and even those that do not fully appreciate the beauty and the workings of a car still have a favoured design or a car that they aspire to own.

Cars make up an important part of everyday life and are a constant in films, videos, television programmes. There is one car that stands out amongst the rest, that appears in top ten lists time and again and the mere mention of its name incites excitement and passionate debate; the Ford Mustang.

Born in 1964, the ‘pony car’ as it is often referred to has maintained its reputation as ultimate driving machine since its creation and there are so many reasons why…

  1. Re-invention

The mustang has been able to stand the test of time through the constant launch of new models, new features and new designs to ensure it keeps up with the latest developments in the motoring world and fulfills the needs of the consumer.

  1. Iconic

The epitome of an American car, it is the longest running sports car brand in American history.

  1. Affordable

Ford have never increased the prices to the point where only the super rich are able to own the vehicle. The purchase cost, running costs and insurance price are all affordable making it the perfect car. are one of the leading insurance companies able to give quotations on insuring a Ford mustang.

  1. Appeal

The multiple styles, designs and models means there is something to appeal to everyone.

  1. Famous

The mustang has appeared in films, programmes, music videos and is most known for being Vin Diesel’s car of choice in the latest Fast and Furious film.

  1. All Generations

Development has enabled the mustang to remain popular throughout every era and is flexible enough to be a weekend car, boys toy or even a family car.

  1. Aesthetics

The design of the mustang is sleek and stylish. It contains classic sports car features and despite new models and development the iconic features have remained.

  1. Modifications

You can easily modify the car to make it personal to you. Whether it’s a spectacular paint job, large rims, convertible style or classic design, you can style it to be your perfect car.

  1. Envy

The iconic nature of the car and the passion it incites makes it a source of envy towards those who own a mustang.

  1. Chevrolet vs Mustang

There has been long running rivalry between the two car manufacturers for many years. People tend to fall into either category with the Mustang typically being the car of choice.

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