The Top 5 Best Boys’ Toys [That anyone can own – with the Wife’s permission]

by - Friday, June 28, 2013

‘Boys and their Toys’, it is a saying that has long been popular and long haunted women married or involved with those that love nothing more than to indulge in their childhood fantasies as adults. As boys grow up, they fantasise about the gadgets and items they will have in their houses as they strongly believe they will never grow out of them, and evidently they don’t.

The toys that men lust after varies depending on their personal interest with obsessions ranging from Star Wars to Motorbikes and everything in between. There are very few grown men that do not own at least one thing that would be considered a boys toy. The list is endless, yet there are a few items that will crop up on most male lists…

  1. Pool Table

This is one of the most popular items a man can possess. It is merely the beginning to the idea of having a ‘man cave’, a place where males can accumulate and play with each other’s toys. A place that is apparently off limits to women and another example of the fact men do not grow up.

  1. Lazy boy Chair

Made famous by the characters of ‘Friends’, these chairs are the ultimate in comfort and are designed to meet the needs of each TV obsessed man. They support each part of the body during hours of television watching and make a man feel a man. They are the height of masculinity and probably considered an eye saw by most women.

  1. Widescreen Television

This is the one thing on the male list that many women will agree with. The widescreen television enhances the TV experience and in modern society is the focal point of the living room and something which al furniture is designed and moved to fit around. Although a new TV will encourage even more TV appreciation [watching] something that won’t please everyone.

  1. Motorbike

The safety element behind this toy is the main cause for concern. An incredibly common desire of men to own a motorbike, there are those to believe they are the next superbike champion and tend to get a little over excited, ordering the fastest and most expensive despite having little to no bike experience… The fear surrounding this item is enough to make any woman strike it off the list immediately.

  1. Games Machine

Another feature of the ‘Man Cave’ concept, an old fashioned games machine such as Pacman, etc gets men very excited and allows them to relive their days as a schoolboy. There are so many different games on offer and for reasonable prices and is also something that the wife and kids can play, when they are allowed to of course.

It is all very well and good having these items on a wish list but they certainly aren’t the easiest to just go and collect or even put up in your home. This is where expert couriers come in, that have a real understanding of the boys toys idea. uShip are professional courier and deliverers that are able to transport the largest and strangest of items to your destination of choice.

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