Two Really Fab Le Bunny Bleu Ballet Flats

by - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Eleven months ago, I published a post about four Bunnylicious Ballerina Flats by Le Bunny Bleu which I really wanted to add to my shoe collection.  Sad to say that up to this moment, they still remain on my wish list and might actually be no longer available.  Good thing is, it seems like Le Bunny Bleu isn’t running out of ideas.

I have just checked and found two pairs that really captured my heart:


Skimmer shoes
$44.00 - lebunnybleu.com

White Snow Whites Ballet Flats
$49.00 - lebunnybleu.com


Yeah.  I know.  Both styles are so lovely and may I say, irresistible?  But if I am to pick one… just one, I’ll go for the White Snow Whites Ballet Ballet Flats.  Oh wait.  Make that the Skimmer Shoes.  Now, I’m confused.  Ahhh!!!  Love them both!  Don’t you?

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