5 Secrets To Aging Well As A Man

by - Thursday, July 18, 2013

One of the leading causes of unnecessary aging in a man is selective hearing. After the age of 40, some men are simply oblivious to those subtle hints that they are growing old. Worse yet, they seem to be completely deaf to the volume of solutions available to them. Overcoming this debilitating condition not only helps men to hear the secrets of looking and feeling younger, it will actually improve men’s health.

How do I know? My husband has selective hearing when it comes to aging well. I used to think he was just ignoring me when I would point out his low energy levels. He appeared tone-deaf as I would talk for hours on end about proper nutrition and exercise. He did not seem to hear my complaints when he switched to pants with an elastic waistband.

My husband was, however, able to hear the voices of younger women. The best evidence of this was when we went out for an intimate date night and the bouncy hostess asked me if my father would like to look at the senior menu. Yeah, that came in loud and clear, didn’t it hun?

  • Secret #1 – Get your ears checked. Whether you are hard of hearing or simply have selective hearing, hearing loss is a serious medical condition. Do not let vanity get in your way – manufacturers now make nearly invisible hearing aids. You can always turn them off if you do not want to listen to any more suggestions from your wife.
  • Secret #2 - Take testosterone support supplements like TestRush – it is natural to for men to lose testosterone as they age and is nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody will know you are taking supplements but they will notice your increase in strength and energy levels. Testosterone helps you build muscle mass, lose that spare tire around your belly, and even improve your mood and self-confidence. Your wife will appreciate the return of your sex drive and stamina.
  • Secret #3 – Dye that hair and whiten those teeth; go the extra mile and bush that hair and those teeth at least once a day. If you wear dentures, then put them in your mouth and keep them there while in public. Maintaining good hair and teeth are cheap and easy secrets to aging well as a man. Avoid the tanning bed, though, as tanning dries out the skin and the results are a bit cheesy looking on an older man.
  • Secret #4 – Maintain a healthy weight by eating right and exercising. Nothing says “old man” like a potbelly. Trade the beer and brats for a salad now and again.
  • Secret #5 – Consult with a physician to find out if a medical problem is causing you to age faster than necessary. Cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes cannot only make you feel crummy but look lousy too. Here is an extra tip guaranteed to help you age well – take your medicine and other therapies as prescribed.

I am proud to say my husband is now cured of his selective hearing and is looking younger every day. He takes testosterone, is losing weight, and now wears pants with a belt. Now he seems to have more strength, vitality, and stamina than he did when we first got married. The new hostess at our favorite restaurant even flirts with him now and again

… written by Drew Littlejohns is the owner of VH Nutrition and is an avid writer and story teller tying to help others grow in their fitness goals. You can reach him via google+ and facebook.

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