Boozt.com–Crazy Sizzling Summer Deals. Got Me-Self Three Bags!

by - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

With no intentions of shopping [promise!], instead of just updating my wish list [one of them *wink*] I ended up purchasing three handbags online.  One bucket and two shoulder bags.  I tried to say no to temptation but with Boozt’s really fantastic deals, well, obviously, I gave in towards the end.

Regrets? Oh no no no.  None at all.  Lovely items with great discounted tags on – make me happy!

Which reminded me.  It wasn’t my first time today to do this – shopping quite a number of handbags in just one go.  I did it during the last week of January this year: Three New Bags in One Day? Why Not?  And what they say is true.  The second time around is sweeter.  Yeah!


Esprit Black Bag – got this piece at 50% off its original price tag.  With a 30x50cm dimension and lovely stitching details, I just couldn’t leave the online shop without getting myself this bag.  Plus, haven’t I mentioned yet how much I adore this brand?
Friis & Company Emmeth Bucket Bag in Nude – discounted much!  70% off for a Friis & Company bucket bag.  It was love at first hiccup!  I’ve never had any accessory from Friis & Company so yeah… the time has come for me to buy one … two!

Friis & Company Logica Handbag in Pink – massive price reduction.  At 70% off the regular price, too!  I was thinking of getting the backpack first but later changed it to its shoulder bag version.

Aside from the big discounts, shipping charges were waved and even got an additional 5% off the total amount just by signing for their newsletter.  Got even happier!

I can hardly wait for them to get delivered at our doorsteps.  They’ll probably here by Friday or Monday…

Excited much!

And by the way, tomorrow, I’ll be dropping by a cool shoe boutique located 10 minutes by bus from where I work.  I’ll probably be going home with two new pairs of wedges.  We’ll see!

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