Choosing A Doctor To Perform Your Breast Augmentation

by - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, breast augmentation procedures are performed for reasons that extend beyond giving a woman fuller breasts. Women who have a mastectomy also undergo breast augmentation surgery to reconstruct one or both of their breasts. Other reasons why women have the surgery includes to reconstruct their breasts following an accident, to have breasts symmetry or to restore their breasts following the birth of their children or after losing a significant amount of weight.

What to expect when undergoing a breast augmentation procedure:

The clinical name for the cosmetic procedure is augmentation mammoplasty. A variety of silicone and saline gels have been used during the procedure. Medscape reports that "In June 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] approved the most recent silicone gel-filled breast implant, bringing the total number of approved products to 5."

Approved by the FDA or not, as with other invasive medical procedures, surgeries like augmentation mammoplasty come with risks. Ethical surgeons will openly discuss these risks with their clients. They will also make themselves available to field and answer questions their clients may have before and after performing the procedure.

Some risks associated with the surgery include infection, scarring and having the silicone or saline gel filled implants rupture or bursts. Women have also reported experiencing pain after having the surgery. Both risks may require further surgery to correct. To reduce their chances of experiencing these and other risks, women who are thinking about getting the surgery can review details on breast implant labels with their surgeon. They can also discuss how risks could heighten the longer women keep implants.

Ethical surgeons will also talk about risks associated with a woman's age, genetic background and overall health. Skilled surgeons generally have also completed at least five years of surgical training, with at least two years of that training focused on cosmetic or plastic surgery. Not only are skilled surgeons trained in how to perform breast augmentation, they also are trained in how to perform cosmetic surgery on the neck, face and other parts of the body.

Additionally, skilled surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They also continue to advance their education, attending training programs and reading up on trends and improvements in their profession. For example, good cosmetic surgeons will be well versed about the latest gels. They will also know where local accredited medical facilities are, as accredited facilities are the only locations good surgeons work at.

Results of breast augmentation could improve a woman's overall self-esteem. They could also raise a woman's self-confidence, especially if women enter the procedure with realistic expectations. Regarding choosing a physician, it's important that women work with physicians they trust. This trust may be based on a combination of research and gut instinct.

In regards to realistic expectations, women should expect to endure a period of physical and psychological adjustment, as they get accustomed to their new bodily changes. Women should also continue to take steps to recognize and appreciate their innate worth, so they don't rely solely on surgical procedures to feel good about themselves. After the procedure, women may have to stay overnight at a hospital, or they might be released to recover at home. Before getting breast implants, women should consult cosmetic surgeons about pricing, including pricing plans that may make it easier for them to receive the procedure.

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