Fascinating Facts About Instagram

by - Friday, July 12, 2013

Instagram is a massive success story and has risen from nothing to a multibillion dollar company in just two short years. There are over five million active users that all enjoy the simplicity of this application. A staggering 58 photos are uploaded to Instagram per second, which makes this ground breaking application phenomenal.

When the android application was launched in April 2012, it was downloaded over one million times in the first 24 hours. With over 860,000 uploads per day, the images are shared throughout various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr. Strangely though 37% of Instagram users have never uploaded a photo, and prefer to share and view the images on the platform.

Instagram Facts - An infographic hosted [but not created by – please see the infographic for author details] by the team at FollowersBoost

In just two short years, this company is now worth over $1 billion dollars, which is incredible, and is used the most in the United States. Japan closely follows in popularity, with the United Kingdom ranking sixth. There are numerous filters that you can use for the images that you upload, and Earlybird is the most popular. There has been a staggering increase in the number of providers offering the opportunity to buy instagram followers, a further indicator of the website success.

Tagging is essential for Instagram, and surprisingly the two most popular tags are #iphoneography and #cat. Food, cloud, sunset and sky all follow closely behind, and this indicates what users enjoy taking images off and sharing. Instagram has an account, and this is the most followed with an enormous 8.6 million followers. Whether you are an active user, or prefer to follow and enjoy the images, there is a place for you in Instagram.

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