How To Survive A House Move

by - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

So you’ve checked a real estate website [Fort Myers Real Estate, for example], gone through the list of properties thoroughly, picked the one you really want and now… the time has come for you to move in!

As anyone who’s been involved in one before will tell you, a house move can be pretty stressful. However, there are a fair few different things you can do to help make the whole thing a bit easier on your family, which is why we’ve put together this list of tips and hints that you can follow:

Plan everything in advance. A house move involves remembering so many different things that it’s virtually impossible to store it all in one brain! Because of this, writing down and planning all of the most important aspects of a move is a seriously good idea. Write out lists for each room, detailing all the essential items in there so that you can cross them off as they go onto the truck. It’s also a good idea to plan things according to time, it works backwards and measure exactly when you have to have everything done by – this will mean you can avoid the last minute panic of having more things to do than you have time to do them in!


Get help wherever possible. With as big a task as moving home, any help that you can get will make the world of difference. Fortunately, your friends and relatives can help in a lot of different ways: some, of course, might be able to lend you their van for a day or two to aid in lugging the bigger items around. Others might be able to contribute by looking after your kids [or a pet] so that you can focus on the job without having to worry about what the little ones are up to. Basically, take any help you can get – you’ll be grateful for it on the day!

Mark everything clearly. One thing it’s important to remember is that however much you think you might be able to remember what’s in all the boxes: you won’t! Mark everything clearly. As well as ensuring you can prioritise what goes on the lorry first, it will also mean you can avoid any fragile items getting damaged by being packed in the wrong order. This task will make unpacking easier, too, and will mean when you get to the other end you can get the important boxes out first.

Pack a next day box. Once you’ve got to your new home and you’ve unpacked, you aren’t going to want to do much else. [Trust us]. That’s why it’s important to pack a box or two full of all the essentials that’ll keep you going whilst you begin unpacking everything else: basic cutlery, clothes, sheets and the like, not to mention the kid’s favourite toys. It’s normal for unpacking to take a while, so ensure you’ve got enough things to keep you going in the mean time.

Rest where you can. As we’ve said above, moving really is a stressful task, and one that takes up a whole host of energy. That means that whenever you get the chance to have a quick rest and relax, you should take it! If you’ve got half an hours break waiting for someone, then grab a quick power nap. Also, ensure you drink plenty and eat regularly, as you’re definitely going to need the fuel.

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