New Tech Wristband, W/Me Plans To Improve Lives

by - Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The W/Me wristband has been proven to save people’s lives using advanced technology that will work in conjunction with the smartphone. The device uses a medical-grade sensor that is incorporated with your smartphone. The device is designed to keep people physically and mentally healthy. Here is what people need to know about how it can improve their lives.

W/Me’s Wearable Device

The W/Me device can monitor your body’s autonomic nervous system [ANS]. It is important to monitor your ANS because it is a more effective way to determine how your body’s control system is working. This system is reportedly more efficient and provides a better assessment of a person’s health than monitoring individual vital signs such as blood pressure or heart rate. When people know these readings, they can monitor their health more effectively.

W/Me incorporates and relies on a medical-grade sensor in its design known as the life spectrum analyzer [LSA]. The proprietary algorithm can decode the heart rate variability and map out the autonomic nervous system. The wrist band is so advanced that it can even indicate your mental state at any given moment. The application determines if a person’s mental state is pessimistic, anxious, passive, or excitable.

The device uses a dry conduction electrode to measure the minute electrical signals caused by the heart muscle depolarization. This device is combined with an analog-to-digital converter, a filter chain, and a digital signal processor.

What the Device Measures

Not only will W/Me monitor mental state, but it will also monitor agility score. The agility score will indicate the body’s ability to adjust to environmental changes. A person with a low score is more likely to have illnesses due to stress.

The device will also measure a person’s ANS age. Individuals can take the number and improve it with the proper lifestyle decisions and breathing practices. The device can track a person's vitals history and report trends over time. This will allow users to learn about their progress.

Coaching platforms on the device have five different levels and one programmable level to help you determine your abdominal breathing. At higher levels, a person's breathing should be slower and deeper. The virtual breathing coach helps to improve ANS agility and can be instrumental in developing good health. Through the cloud, the information can be shared with a medical team.

Of course, the W/Me will monitor heart-rate with a touch of a button on your phone or on the wristband. W/Me will also vibrate and light up when a person wearing the device has a text, email, or incoming call. The device will also alert you if the phone has ventured out of range. If your phone is lost, press a button on your wristband, and the phone will sound.

Monitor Your Health With W/Me

Everyone should be proactive about health and monitor its progress. If health is monitored, dangerous health conditions are less likely to spiral out of control.

… written by John Chupon is an author and recognized authority on wristbands, currently working for http://www.wristbandscity.com.

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