Ready To Soar! 5 Steps To Make A Birthday Party Great

by - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Throwing the birthday party of the century is the dream of nearly every child. Throwing a great birthday party means that all the guests have a wonderful time and are still talking about the party the next day while at school. Finding the perfect recipe to create this party, however, can be difficult. Here are five key ingredients that help make any birthday party a success.

Choose the perfect theme

The right theme depends upon the personality and interests of the birthday person. Some people may enjoy selecting a theme that is very specific and involved, such as a particular show or animal. Others may prefer a more broad theme, such as a barbeque. Once the theme has been selected, it can help guide the rest of the selections for the party such as food, activities, decorations, and take home goodies. This will make the rest of the party planning much easier and more enjoyable.

Decide upon the food to be offered

Food is an essential part of any social gathering and party goers are going to be looking for some special treats. Food selections should be made based on a few key criteria:

  • Food that the guests are are most likely to enjoy

  • Foods that work well with the party theme

  • Finger foods!

Finger foods are excellent for birthday parties. They allow attendees to graze while enjoying the rest of the festivities. They also allow for a great deal of diversity in the food offering, which means that everyone should be able to find something they like. If the party is happening around meal time, it may also be a good idea to serve some kind of main dish at a specific time.

Find the perfect activities

Keeping children entertained can be one of the most challenging aspects of throwing a successful birthday party. Without entertainment, children can get bored and boredom always leads to problems. Fortunately, there are a few activities which can really help keep children moving and having fun.


Jumpers are easily rented from a variety of jumper rental companies. Those throwing the birthday party can rent different sizes based on expected occupancy. There are also a variety of themes available, from Dora the Explorer to princesses and castles. This makes it easy to tie the jumper in with the rest of the party.


There are some classic games that are known to be crowd pleasers. Having a big piñata for kids to take a swing at or getting a fun game of pin the tail on the donkey [or some other theme-appropriate version] can be a great way to keep kids laughing.

Design and send out the invitations

To help keep the party as organized as possible, it is a good idea to request RSVPs from guests at least a week in advance. This can help with knowing how much food to purchase and how many people to prepare for. Include this RSVP date prominently on the invitation. The rest of the invitation should clearly communicate the theme of the party and who the party is for. To help get the potential guests excited, it may also be a good idea to advertise some of the activities and games planned for the day. Many parents also appreciate this information so they can make sure that their child is dressed appropriated and ready to celebrate.

Make goody-bags

Goody-bags are a great way to make sure the party ends on a high note. Children love to receive good treats and maybe a small game or activity to take home with them. Look for something that ties in well with the theme from the party to generate some good ideas. These little gift bags send children back home with a smile.

… written by Maria Martinez works for the City of La Mirada in Southern CA. She is also a part time marketer and writer for Wow Party Rental, also in La Mirdada.

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