Sale Alert: 60% Off On Selected Shoes at Sarenza.se

by - Thursday, July 04, 2013

If you are a resident of Sweden and you love shopping for fashion items online, then you might have already noticed the wide summer sale which has started during the last two weeks of June.  If you haven’t yet, then you’re missing out on something huge!

Although I have already purchased My First Two New Pairs by Lulu Castagnette canvas shoes a couple of weeks back [will post photos within the next few days], I again bought four new ones early this week.  This time, the shoes weren’t for me but were gifts to four lovely people.  For whom and which shoes?  Sorry but I will not be posting photos anytime soon regarding these items so as not to destroy the element of surprise.  *wink*

Anyhooo… since today is my personal chillax day [off from work… yipee!], I’ve taken pleasure in eating whatever my taste buds are craving for, indulging in a movie marathon from eight in the morning and well, window shopping!

Because I promised myself not to go crazing shopping today, I instead opted on creating a wish list.  First visit and list – those lovely shoes on Sarenza.se with 60% off their price tags… ta-dah!

--- because I am aware how my dear mommy loves this brand, I am aiming to get a pair for her.


--- the wedge’s height – perfect!  Plus I so adore the simple yet gorgeous details.  I might buy this for me!  We’ll see!

CAMPER Rachael
--- might be getting this Camper sandals for the grandma-in-law.  I just have to ask her first about her shoe size without giving her any idea that she’ll probably getting a pair of shoes soon.

HELLO KITTY Hk luna low
--- Hello Kitty days are far behind me now, at least I thought so.  However, after catching a glimpse on this white Hello Kitty sneaker, my heart says – GET IT!

--- I’ve always wanted a pair of footwear by Irregular Choice [made a few posts about this brand: Irregular Shoes with Irregular Styles by Irregular Choice and Ovah Coffee: Sale Alert: Up to 70% Off at IrregularChoice.Com].  Because I am not brave enough to wear their cute weird styles, I opted not to invest just yet until I found this pair of ballet flats.  I guess it’s time, don’t you?

--- not much details and yet, I want it.

--- What can I say?  I just can’t get enough of ballet flats, yeah?

There goes my list!  More to come, definitely!

Happy shopping everyone!

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