Taking Inspiration From Kate Middleton’s Maternity Wardrobe

by - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Since her engagement to Prince William was first announced, Kate Middleton has been a source of fascination. Beautiful, smart… and now glowing with pregnancy! We’ve all waited patiently to see her bloom, and when the bump arrived a couple of month ago, it was a time of excitement for admiring pregnant, and non-pregnant, women alike – what would her maternity wardrobe have to offer?

For those who are also full ‘bloom’, Kate provides endless inspiration on how to dress gracefully and with modern style. Forget frumpy smocks that cover her up, Kate has figured out how to emphasise her shape with poise. Here’s how to follow her suit:

Flaunt it

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it… and if you’re pregnant you’ve most certainly got it! Don’t be afraid to really show off that baby bump [no matter how huge] it’s such a treasure to be proud of. In times gone by, women were expected to cover up their changing figure, but now it’s commonly place to wear tight fitting garments that show off new curves. Bodycon dresses are great for doing this and Kate’s been seen in a few long sleeve tight fitting numbers. Choose jersey fabric and you’ll be super comfortable as you expand further too.

Go tailored

When your bump is still small, you may want to do everything you can to emphasise it. Kate Middleton is generally petite so has opted for wonderful tailoring to add to her curves. Tailored coats have cinched her in under the bust and provided room for her tummy beneath, whilst youthful fitted blazers have provided a feminine fit above floatier dresses.

Highlights your best bits

Though pregnancy is a time of joy, it can through up new insecurities. If you’re not as confident with your growing waistline, try highlighting other assets instead. Kate is frequently showing off her excellent legs, with above knee hemlines and small heels that give an added boost. Your highlight features might include a new cleavage [emphasises with interesting necklines] or healthier than ever locks.

Embrace the Empire

No, I don’t mean celebrating your royal kingdom! Embrace the Empire waistline which is a classic pregnancy staple that Kate has worked well this far. The Empire waist clearly separates your bust and bump to emphasise your unborn beauty’s growing size. When wearing an Empire waist dress or top, just be careful to check that it is in the right size. Extra fabric can gather in an unflattering fashion, so try something structured. Remember Kate’s pale blue midi dress number?

The most exciting thing about Kate’s pregnancy fashion is that she’s been wearing many high-street designs. Each time she’s seen wearing a high-street item it’s sold out almost instantly, but New Look are doing some wonderful Kate inspired maternity pieces. Including lacy body con dresses and a huge range of midi length designs.

If in doubt about what to wear next, keep it simple. Kate has done understated maternity wear to a tee.  Cheers!

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