Tips For Perfecting Your Bikini Body

by - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Your holiday has been booked for months but you're putting off buying your bikini because you're just not ready to bare all. We know that feeling well! As much as we get excited for poolside lounging and sipping cocktails at sunset, we're dreading stripping down to barely anything on the beach.

But as the countdown to the holiday season begins, there are some simple things you can do to trim down, tone up and be bikini ready. Here are our top tips for getting body confident in a flash:

1. Clean out your diet:

Throw away those biscuits, packets of crisps and chocolate bars - they are not going to help you reach your weight loss goal in the run up to summer. If you feel that 3 o'clock sugar-craving hit, have a handful of grapes or a juicy apple to curb the hunger without the unnecessary calories. Try to reduce your processed carbohydrates as these are known to bloat your tummy - which isn't ideal whilst you're in a teenie tiny bikini. Try to replace them with whole grain pasta and bread or brown rice and have a healthy serving of protein to keep your energy levels up but your calorie intake down.

2. Up your game at the gym

Now is time to put in those extra hours at the gym and really tone up your body. High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT] is a brilliant way of burning fat fast - try out a spin class or alternate sprints and jogging on the treadmill to get your heart rate up. Try out a Pilates and yoga classes if you're looking to tone up your stomach and legs, as they are great at working the core and engaging all your muscle groups at the same time. Exercising in the morning is also an excellent way to boost your metabolism and keep you energised and burning calories long after you stopped exercising. If you're battling with energy levels, athletes have found taking an oxygen supplement helpful in keeping their stamina up. Although you cannot breath in pure oxygen for safety reasons, there are canisters of oxygen-enriched air available that can help improve your the oxygen levels in your blood and in turn keep your energy up.

3. Bikini body beauty prep

So you've toned up and have the perfect bikini waiting to be showed off on the beach but something is still not quite right. Your skin is dull and dry after spending months under layers of winter clothes so it might be time to give it a brush up. Body brushing is a brilliant way to revitalise tired and dull skin - before your shower every morning, use a body brush on dry skin in circular motions moving upwards from your legs towards your heart. This will not only slough away any dead skin cells but will help reduce signs of cellulite and increase your circulation which will encourage cell renewal. In the shower exfoliate well, focusing on dry patches on your knees and elbows and use a deeply hydrating moisturiser or body oil afterwards to really keep your skin soft and looking healthy. Finally, a hint of tan will make all the difference in helping you feel body confident on the beach. Try a gradual fake-tan that also moisturises the skin so you can reap all the benefits of glowing skin.

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