Using a Face Cream Is Vital

by - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The right face cream can be the moisturizer you need to bring elasticity to the skin and reveal new young skin cells. Sometimes a night cream is also necessary to augment the power of the daily face cream. Creams are designed to nourish and revitalize the skin. Damage is done to the skin every day, but these creams help to repair and give it more life. Night creams can bring antioxidants to the skin and improve moisture levels that have diminished over the day. Most night creams include a number of moisturizing ingredients, which bring out the vibrancy of the skin over night.

Face creams have been around in some form or another for centuries. People in their 30s experience a loss of natural moisture and elasticity compared to their 20s. Lines show up more readily and collagen starts to fade. Face creams are intended to protect the skin from toxic chemicals which we encounter every day. The environment is full of harmful reactants, which harm the skin. Ultraviolet [UV] radiation can harm the skin as can air pollution, daily use of makeup and other free radicals. Using a day cream with some SPF protection can help reduce the damage from UV rays. Using a night cream can help repair after a day of exposure.

It is hard to remember to moisturize the skin with everything else going on in life. Maintaining a healthy skin regimen is not hard, but it is often overlooked. Thankfully it takes little effort to apply face creams, both during the day and the night. Women can benefit especially since their looks are typically such a part of their image to the rest of the world. Night creams replenish vital oils as you sleep. Natural oils decrease as you age. Blending these natural oils with cell revitalization techniques can mix for a positive result.

Aging is the biggest detriment to proper skin care. As we age our skin loses elasticity and vitality. Keeping a moisturizing routine can keep the skin looking young for as long as possible and allow it to stay fresh. The skin is porous and highly absorbent. Active skin improving ingredients will absorb easily. Skin care professionals have learned that the skin is most receptive at night. Using different products for nighttime skin care and daytime skin care is almost essential as these products have different feelings and different intentions.

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