2 Party Themes To Bring The Summer To An Epic End

by - Saturday, August 24, 2013

The end of the summer is a great time to host creative parties that help capture the spirit of fun. Everyone likes to get dressed up and have an evening out - when's the last time you went to a theme party? Whether you’re 20 or 50, attending themed parties brings an element of excitement and allure to the night. With the summer months coming to an end, this is a great time to plan a fun themed party to bring the season to a fantastic end.


Break out the tiki torches and the grass skirts. It’s time for a luau! These parties are fun and easy to prepare for as well. Luaus in Hawaii are thrown to bring together friends and family for good times, great food, and loads of fun. What better excuse than the end of summer?

Bring your luau to life with creative decorations like leis, grass skirts, tiki torches, and a bonfire. When guests are invited let them know that appropriate attire is required to enter. It makes the event feel more authentic. 

Upon arrival, give all guests a lei and welcome them into your backyard through an arching gate of flowers. Light up the space with torches and have Hawaiian music playing to create a sense of atmosphere. Have a hula dance-off where all contestants wear a grass skirt and do a hula dance for the crowd. 

Use macadamia nuts as drink tokens if you have an open bar to give the party a fun sense of place. If there is a bar make sure that every drink has a Hawaiian name to keep things interesting. Grill over and open fire or charcoal grill with a creative Hawaiian themed menu. An outdoor luau is a great way to bring the summer months to an end.

Garden Masquerade

Don a mask and put on your best formal-wear for a masquerade ball. A garden masquerade is simple to plan and execute. It gives guests a sense of excitement and wonder. Everyone loves a sense of mystery in their lives, so have a party that brings out that element.

Hosting a garden masquerade is simple and elegant. Find the right garden space and put up white Christmas lights for lighting around trees and rails, and candles on tables. Drape silver and gold tablecloths and tree skirts over the tables and line them with finger food snacks. Rent a silver fountain for punch and if you can swing it pay for a small ice sculpture for the table as well. 

Let guests know that formal attire and masks are required for admittance, but themed attire is allowed for couples as long as they wear masks. You can even offer masquerade masks at the door for those who don’t have them. Hire a string quartet to play mellow dance music, or turn it on yourself through a stereo. 

Make sure there is a dance floor for those who feel the groove. Have a murder mystery game for any who would like to participate in order to enhance the sense of thrill and mystery to the evening. A masquerade ball is a great way to have fun and bring people together with style.


There are other party ideas for this time of year as well, but these two themes are an optimal way to bring a fun summer to an exciting close. What other ideas can you come up with for an end-of-the-summer bash?

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