4 Things To Consider When Buying Women's Lingerie

by - Sunday, August 18, 2013

1. Find Out Your Bra Size

First off, it’s extremely important to know your bra size—not just a guesstimate or what you think “feels” good, but your actual size. Experts say eight out of ten women have never been professionally measured and have no clue of their correct bra size.

Size is so important because it can affect all types of lingerie such as bustiers, corsets, slips, camisoles and teddies. Many retailers sell lingerie by bra cup size, not just small, medium or large—full slips too—so get measured before you buy.

Once you know the correct size, you can alleviate common bra problems like the uncomfortable underwire bra that digs into your skin or buying a bikini strap bra in the wrong size only to find the straps are jabbing deep into your shoulders.

2. Buy Lingerie for Comfort and Look

From the conservative to babydoll lingerie to corsets with stockings, if the undergarments you choose don’t make you feel good or are uncomfortable, you’re really wasting your money.

The lingerie fashion world has exploded and with so many choices these days you can find a wide selection in ladies and women’s sizes and even women’s plus sizes.  A mistake many women make is not trying on lingerie and instead taking the item home to see if it fits. In reality, you’ll fare better if you try on lingerie at the store, especially if you don’t know your size.

Seek out online lingerie websites that offer easy-to-understand size charts; the very best online lingerie companies will have a size chart by brand because each brand may fit differently. Seek out what you like the most in lingerie, try it on and then make the purchase decision. Or if you order online, make sure the company offers hassle-free returns. What’s nice about specialty lingerie companies selling brand names is you’ll never see those four dreaded words, “one size fits all.”

3. Quality Is Important

It’s important to find lingerie companies that sell quality products and well-known brand names. Many places will sell teddies, bras and other items so inexpensive once they arrive the quality isn’t what you expected.

Look for shops or online venues that carry brand names, have consultants that can help you make good decisions based on size and preferences. The better the quality, the longer your lingerie will last. It’s also important to follow labels for care when washing.

4. Men: Know Your Partner's Likes and Dislikes

Nothing is a more romantic gift than that of lingerie; especially if it’s something your man purchased on his own. For men everywhere, make sure you know the correct size [and don’t be afraid to ask] and her likes and dislikes.

If your gal is all about reds and pinks and you buy lingerie in black or leather, she probably won’t be pleased so skip buying what you want.  Many boutiques and online retailers either keep a card on their clients with correct sizes or allow them to create online accounts with size, color and type preferences—wish lists are popular too.

Make your lingerie shopping easier by asking the woman in your life to take the time to complete these profiles so you’re not guessing when purchasing.

These four tips for making lingerie shopping a breeze are all you need so start shopping and find that special something to make you feel wonderful.



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