Bringing Back the Forgotten Art Of Letter Writing With Online Thank You Cards

by - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A handwritten letter evokes myriad feelings and emotions. Those who receive one can feel in its folds the warmth of the hands of its sender. Those who send one lavish their notes with their smiles, sighs, hugs, tears, and whispers. A handwritten letter is more than just a piece of paper. Unfortunately, nowadays catching up on what’s going on in your best friend’s life or informing your mother about life in a new city is done over Skype or via email.

With almost everyone around you hard-pressed for time, those long letters of the past are gone. But who is stopping you from penning a short but thoughtful thank you card and mailing it—the archaic way—to your loved one? Especially when it can be done with just a few clicks.

A Thank You Card for All Occasions

A birthday gift sent to you, a favor done to you, or simply appreciating the presence of someone in your life—there are surely countless reasons in your life to send a Thank You card. You just need to find the right card with the apt image to express your feelings. And how wonderful would it be if you had a gallery of cards to choose from and that too, without needing to make the rounds of shops?

Cards with traditional floral motifs, zany images, quirky photographs, or just a plain “Thank You” printed in a beautiful gold font—your warm note of appreciation should be complemented by a thoughtfully-designed card.

The Beauty and Warmth of a Hand-Written Note

The magic lies in the letters—a “t” not crossed or an “I” not dotted [he just couldn’t wait to blurt out his thoughts] or a word crossed out and then re-written [you can almost feel her biting her lips and trying to organize her thoughts]. A handwritten note conveys more than just what is written on the paper. You should be able to choose a realistic handwriting font to reflect your thoughts and carry forward the right amount of emotion in your words.

Just a Few Clicks to Send Your Thank You Card

Click on a card to choose it. Type your thoughts and choose a font to represent them. Click on one or more addresses in your address book to send the card. That’s all you need to do to send your Thank You card. And it will be delivered to the recipient’s mail box in no time at all.

An online thank you card brings in a plenitude of convenience to the task of sending a handwritten note so that you do not have any excuse not to send one. These cards seek to bring back the forgotten art of letter writing and instill warmth back into communications. They have certainly achieved their goals by packaging themselves in a way that appeals to the busy individuals to today who want to reach out and express their gratitude and appreciation for the way it used to be but simply don’t have the time to complete the tasks.

… written by Honey Smith. In her free time, Honey enjoys doing arts and crafts with her three daughters and spending time with her friends and family.

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