Buffalo Clinic's Nasal Spray Eliminates Dental Pain

by - Monday, August 05, 2013

Many of us are afraid to go to the dentist. Children are among the most fearful but not usually because of the dental tools but because of the shot in the mouth given prior to any drilling. What if you could have complicated dental work done without the discomfort of a standard needle anesthetic? Well one clinic in Buffalo, N.Y. has achieved just that. Their team of medical professionals has developed a nasal spray which actually eliminates dental pain and discomfort in a very unique and simple way.

The spray, developed by the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, works in a clever way. Upon entering the nose the medicated spray is spread throughout the nasal sinuses which are extremely close to the primary branches of the maxillary nerve. This nerve cluster transmits feeling [including pain] from the roof of the mouth to the brain. The breakthrough medication numbs not only the teeth but also the roof of the mouth quickly and painlessly. During tests over the past five years, patients have had simple fillings worked on and have had simple oral surgeries performed. These clinical trials are the first components in getting the nasal analgesic approved nationally.
The best part of the medication is that unlike a standard numbing shot, only the patient's teeth and the roof of their mouth is numb, leaving the cheeks and lips completely alone. This new method has the potential to go a long way to preventing the embarrassment of drooling after dental work and talking with a funny lisp.
Luckily for patients needing braces, the numbing of the mouth is typically not required. whether using a standard orthodontic treatment system, Damon braces or Insignia, most patients find little discomfort in having brackets placed. However some patients have extremely sensitive mouths and would love a numbing solution like this. "Sometimes we get people with sensitive teeth in our chairs and usually have them focus on how great their smiles will look once we're done" said Dr. Heather Burch of Burch Orthodontics in Tallahassee.

Other concerns over the spray have to do with the recent outbreaks of flesh eating amoebas entering the brain via the nasal passages. In a story covered by CBS News, among many other news sources, the naegleri fowleri amoeba killed several people who had used tap water in neti pots, a common nasal blockage remedy. This particularly nasty pathogen causes swelling of the brain and death. Neti pots are meant to use sterilized water, either via boiling or distillation. The people who died from the infection had used standard tap water which brought the parasite from their internal plumbing into the neti pot and into their sinuses. Cases like this has raised the quality standards for all medical substances going into the nasal cavity to ensure sterile safety.

So what is your opinion? If you're like most of us the idea of never having to get a novacaine injection again is an extremely pleasant thought. On the other hand the thought of having your brain destroyed by an infectious parasite is not. Before trying anything new ensure it has passed all known safety tests and meets all current safety and health standards.

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