Wish List: Celebrating My Achievements With Personalized Tees

by - Friday, August 02, 2013

With our busy and buzzy lives, we make it a point to take a short pause every now and then to have a look around and be thankful for what we are, who we’ve become and where we are that very moment.  With all of the blessings I’ve been continuously showered with, I find myself daydreaming on getting a number of tees with my words of happiness printed on them.  Below are some of my achievements that I want to celebrate with personalized tees:

the I’m A Blogger And Proud Of It print:

Blogging has become my pastime since January of 2009.  My blogs are my pages online where I am able to speak my heart and mind freely.  Aside from that, by being a blogger, I’ve been able to widen my network of friends.  And who would have known?  Blogging has opened a lot of earning-through-blogging opportunities for me, too!  So to celebrate my life as a blogger, here’s my simple I’m A Blogger And Proud Of It design:

The Pharma-Chef:

When I was younger, I wanted to follow my parents’ footsteps and become an engineer.  However, fate led me to another road… two other roads, I mean --- a pharmacist and a chef.  At times, my friends and I make a light laugh about the idea of mixing the two up and finding me cooking drugs but on a serious note, I receive a humble amount of respect from the people I know and even strangers I meet at bus stations whenever they hear about my two professions.  So yeah.  The Pharma-Chef print on a tee or a DIY-cropped tank top is perfect for me!

a Swedish-Pinay, I am!

Unsure with what the future had in store for me - it was in June of 2007 when I bravely took a deep breath and flew to Sweden to be with the man I love.  With tons of ups and a few downs, three years later, the resident and working visa was changed to Swedish-Filipino citizenship.  And that man I love?  Still is, and will forever be the love of my life.  For this, I am wishing on a falling star to grant me a Swedish-Pinay, I am! shirt.

These are only three of the hundreds of ideas that I have in mind.  Come to think of it, I can actually start my own brand of printed tees!  What ‘cha think?

How about you?  If you are to pick your life achievements from the hundreds that you have on your hand at the moment, what are the top three on your list that you would want to celebrate with personalized tees?

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