Dr. Martens Inspired See Through Boots–Yey Or Yay? Plus My Pair Of Timberland Boots

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

More and more people are opting for online shopping.  Why not?  With e-shopping, there’s no need for you to leave home.  With a few clicks and scrolls of your mouse and taps on your keyboard, you’re on your way to the checkout counter.  No fuss, no muss.  All you have to do is to sit down, relax and wait for your order to arrive at your doorsteps.

I got this pair of Timberland boots online for half the price just because I signed up for the website’s newsletter.  Two days later - delivered!  Timberland boots --- oh, they’re the real deal!  A bit pricey but they’re really tough and comfortable.  I’ll publish a better, longer review about these boots later, promise!  Note to self: add a air of Dr. Martens boots to your footwear collection.

And because we’re at it, when you get really lucky, you get to grab awesome deals online or bid on something you really really want.  On the other hand, find something strange and weird for a quick laugh of a light “uh-oh” plus a head shake of disbelief.

Speaking of disbelief and Dr. Martens, a speedy visit on eBay made me go – yay!  Dr. Martens inspired boots --- usually make me go “me, want!” [of course, I still prefer all original Dr. Martens footwear, who doesn’t?] however, see through boots?  Like, seriously?

… and it’s available in six different hues [at least, that I know of] – red, green, blue, yellow, colorless and pink:

Photo credit: eBay

Know what?  My gut tells me that this craze is going to be huge a few weeks from now.  Here’s a fact though.  You’ll NOT be seeing me in them.  How about you?  Will the world see you in them?

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