How To Pick Your Perfect Prom Dress

by - Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prom night is one of the most important high school experiences you’ll have.  It’s also one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  The trick is to create a prom night that is a good memory rather than one that makes you want to hide your head in shame and never come out again.  Regardless of how attentive your date is or how your friends act, looking your best will allow you to control how your prom night ends.  If you feel good about the way you look, negative memories will be dampened by the reminder of how great those hi-lo fit or how your hair curled perfectly, making you feel like a star.

Widen Your Dress Options

There are few things more frustrating to a teenager girl than finding the perfect prom dress that is the wrong size.  Rather than moving on to the second best option, try taking the dress to a tailor to have it tailored to fit you perfectly.  The better the dress fits, the more confident you will feel in it.  Taking your dress to a tailor ensures that your dress fits you like a glove and highlights all your best assets.

Finding the Balance

You’ve probably seen it before.  Her dress is beautiful, with embellishments all over, but the jewelry she wore with it just made it look gaudy.  If your dress is embellished and fancy, balance it out with simple jewelry and makeup.  Try modern, simple jewelry for embellished dresses, and take a chance with more intricate, bigger jewelry pieces for simpler or more casual dresses.  Finding the balance between your jewelry and your dress guarantees that you look elegant and refined rather than overdressed.

Have a Plan

You’re likely to have an idea of how you want to do your hair and makeup for the big night, but you should also have a trial run early enough that you can change anything that doesn’t quite fit right.  Contrary to the belief of many men, your hair and makeup does play a part in how your clothing looks.  If you’re having your hair and makeup professionally done, find a picture of what you want and try having a run through several days before your date.   Don’t be afraid to change something you don’t like.  After all, it’s your forever memory you’re creating.

Don’t Overmatch

If your dress is a bright color, choose makeup that is more subtle and lighter colors.  If your dress is a pale color and you want a highlight, try using darker colors and styles that are more eye-catching.  It’s common in today’s world to have makeup contrast to your dress, and you want to put the focus on your best assets.  Allow your makeup to complement your dress without matching too closely.

Relax and Enjoy

At this point, your dress is tailored, your hair and makeup are perfect and you’re just waiting for your date to arrive.  Although you can’t escape the embarrassing moments your parents will create when they insist you pose for a million pictures, you can walk into your prom with confidence and style, creating a prom night memory that will be forever etched in your mind as the night you looked your best.

… written by Beth - a freelance writer but loves to blog about her personal interests in her spare time.

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