Nude And Beautiful: My Friis & Company Bucket Bag

by - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nude and beautiful – obviously, I am not referring to myself.  I just thought that I needed to make that clear before I kept on writing.  *wink*

During the first week of July, I shopped for my first bag from Friis & Company online.  Actually, make that two as I couldn’t stop myself from adding the second one on my e-shopping cart that day.

While the second Friis & Company bag still remains unused up to this moment with its tag on, the first one – the Emmeth Bucket Bag in Nude has its debut a couple of weeks back.

The Emmeth Bucket Bag in Nude by Friis & Company and I at the bus stop:

If you’re wondering… the pair of rubber shoes on the photo is by FILA.  Purchased sometime in 2006 by my younger brother for me.  Seven years have passed and it’s still in very pretty condition!

A closer look… FC with metal pellets in silver plus its decorative zipper:

The bag’s huge and I love huge bags!  It’s perfect for individuals like me who love to bring quite a lot of stuff with them wherever they go --- hand cream, hair brush, umbrella [just in case it rains – because you’ll never know!], iPad [when I feel like taking it along with me], wallet, my Nokia Lumia 920 and that’s pretty much it.  Yes, no cosmetics when I go to work, meet up with my girl friends or go shopping downtown.  A good quality lipbalm is enough to make me happy whenever I am on-the-go.

Time check: 21.30 and since I am early for work tomorrow [will have to wake up at 4.30am to catch the 5.15 bus and report to my 6.30 shift *yawn*], it’s time for me to hug my pillow.  Natti natti everyone!  I promise to create a post about my other bag by Friss & Company which is in… pink!  Again, natti natti!

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