Off From Work Date With Bebe And Outfit Of The Day

by - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My Tuesday was awesome.  It was my day off from the big kitchen.  Today too!  *jumping for joy*  But that didn’t mean I was home being lazy whole day long.  Oh no, no.

Yesterday morning, Bebe and I took the bus to visit Bollnäs [a 45-minute bus ride from our town] where he had his passport renewed.  10 minutes and we were all done with the process.  Super quick, ‘eh?  That’s Sweden, baby!  With the sun out and shining upon us, we grabbed the opportunity and strolled the streets of downtown, checked some clothing and shoe shops, bought at least a kilo of mixed candies and headed back to the bus station to catch the next ride home.

The outfit was not complicated at all.  I went for a simple and comfy getup.  Ta-dah:

Black bag by Esprit, finally was put to work!
Canvas shoes by Lulu Castagnette, first time wearing ‘em too.  They hug my feet to perfection!
Shorts by H&M’s L.O.G.G. collection
Sunnies from eBay
Sleeveless top purchased at SM Davao sometime in 2006

We were back in our lovely little town at around 1.30pm.  With tummies growling for food, we headed to a restaurant before finally going home.  I was of course made to pick the restaurant and without thinking twice, my favorite pizza and kebab restaurant – it was!  Gotta blog about the really affordable lunch experience on The Travelling SweNay Foodie later. *wink*

Since I am off from work today as well, I’ll be taking a stroll downtown with Bebe in awhile.  Might be dropping by H&M, too! 

Have a fantabulous Wednesday gorgeous fwends!

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