Wedding Bells, Puppy Marriage Proposal Vid’, The Tacori Ring And The New Biz!

by - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A few nights back, I couldn’t help but get curious when I started hearing my boyfriend laugh out really loud.  I was in the bathroom that time, putting on my night cream when I rushed into the living room to check what was going on.  He then shared his iPad with me and we watched a number of clips on YouTube about marriage proposals gone horribly wrong.  Oh no.  They weren’t sad stories.  They were proposals with really sweet intentions that encountered a few errors along the way [quite embarrassing at some point].  Happy endings, though!  I’ll write a post on that and publish it along with the videos on my other blog within the week.  Promise!

On Wedding Bells

Anyhoo… in relation to weddings and engagements, I’ve been hearing wedding bells… like a lot of them!  It’s like a proposal season the whole year round.

The Puppy Marriage Proposal

While browsing through my Facebook News Feed, engagement and wedding photos are here and there.  Quite a number of my friends are walking down the isle pretty soon and with excitement and romance overflowing, they can’t stop themselves from updating their status with romantic videos like this one:

We all love puppies and the video above is cute, isn’t it?  I mean aside from a couple of facts that the tuxedo dog needs to be dragged and the little kiddo falling down, it’s one cool romantic proposal.  And to add to that, I notice the girl having that in-shock look, perhaps figuring out if it is a prank or for real but when the ring finally flashes in front of her, she then knows that her guy’s on a not-joking note.

The Tacori Engagement Ring

The stunning ring?  Of course, the ring!  It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidociously adorable, right?  Curious?  If you are, it’s a Tacori diamond engagement ring in 18K white gold and you can get it from your favorite jewelry boutiques or order one online from  With tons of designs, shapes, accents, colors and settings to choose from, is a diamond and fine jewelry haven for people like you [us, I mean].  And while you’re at it, you can also design your own ring and customize it on the website.  The possibilities --- absolutely endless!

By the way, you can take a closer look at the Tacori diamond engagement ring shown on the YouTube vid’ [not the photo] above on the next clip below.  The exact same ring which is priced at about $10,000 has been featured on Fox News [Fox & Friends, at around 1:45] so go ahead and have a look at this:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

And the new biz!

Talking about tying the knot, one of my highschool best buds and I have joined forces to open a gown [mostly bridal] shop.  So far, everything’s going smoothly as planned and hopefully a month from today, the shop’s already open for business.  I’ll be posting photos of the shop and our collection on my Facebook and here on my blog really soon so stick around and stay tuned!

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