What Does Your Choice Of Bedroom Furniture Say About You?

by - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We all get so accustomed to our home environments that we often don’t see what’s around us anymore. It usually takes someone new to walk into our homes to force us to see our place through fresh eyes.

Imagine if a stranger walked into your bedroom. What do you think they would say this room expressed about your personality after they had taken a good look around? Is it ordered or cluttered, coordinated or a mix-and-match affair? While colours and fabrics play a key role, bedroom furniture also contributes to the overall look of a room and your choice will say a lot about you.

Modern or traditional

If you favour modern-style furniture such as minimalistic bedroom sets you are making a statement which says ‘now’. This gives a suggestion of chic and being on the fast track from dawn until dusk.

At the other end of the spectrum, an antique-look bedroom spells out domestic tranquility which is associated with feelings of warmth, home and simple living. Maybe you have these furniture styles in your bedroom but don’t think that their associations fit your life. Have you considered that maybe you’d like them to and maybe that's why you’re attracted to a particular style?

Individual flair

There are no rules in the matter of selecting bedroom furniture. You may go for a uniform look be it modern, fun, traditional or retro. However, you can combine styles as well to great effect. A modern bed with an upholstered headboard contrasted with an antique side table makes a unique and appealing statement, for example.

Bed in focus

Speaking of the bed, it is probably fair to say that this is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. There are nearly as many bed styles as there are people! Think of a modern bed with a sleek leather headboard compared to a four-poster canopy bed. What about an ornately–carved wooden bed compared to one with an intricate yet modern metal headboard?

Is your bed low to the floor suggesting a casual approach or high up hinting at tradition?

The style of bed will go some way to dictating what is covering it but, again, contrast in styles can be exciting.

Select with care

Knowing that the furniture in your bedroom makes a statement about you, it is worth choosing it with care. Material, colour and design reflect your personality and creativity so, when next picking out bedroom furniture, make sure you enjoy the experience.

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