Women's Jumpers That Reflect Your Character

by - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Women’s jumpers are more than just a throw on to stay cosy in the cooler months. The key to keeping warm is wearing layers and a snug but fashionable jumper is an ideal top layer. Your jumper choice says a lot about who you are. So is it better to wear bright, look at me colours or rock neutral, minimal jumpers? The choice is in the mind of the wearer.

Have a browse through your wardrobe and discard any jumpers that no longer fit or are hopelessly out of fashion. Now you're ready to buy new women's jumpers or online, or hit the department store. Remember that you're aiming to find a jumper that flatters your silhouette and creates a sleek finish on your body when worn. This doesn't mean you should buy a million jumpers of the same style. Experiment with different fabrics, colours and versatile styles for a variety of occasions if you are buying more than one at the same time. You want to own a small range so you can wear a jumper to suit your mood and setting.

Apple body shapes carry most of their weight around their middle section. If this is you, you want to steer clear of adding extra volume around this area. So avoid chunkier knits with thick patterns and busy designs, as that will only emphasise your waist. Opt for lightweight or slim line jumpers that create a thinner appearance. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice staying warm. High wool and cashmere jumpers are lightweight, but will still keep you snug. Otherwise, choose a jumper long in length to elongate your body and create a taller, streamlined appearance.

Pear shaped bodies have smaller waists and store a high fraction of their weight around their hip area. If this is you, avoid jumpers that add volume to your hips and bottom. Slim jumpers are great, as they emphasise your smaller upper body. If you wear longer jumpers, opt for classic and darker slimming colours such as black or navy. These colours allow you to wear thick jumpers and will tone down any extra bulk. Ideally, you want to wear a jumper finishing at your waist so no thickness is added and no gap is created between your disproportioned upper and lower body.

Straight bodies that are almost slightly boyish frame can pull off chunkier, thick jumpers. You need not worry about adding extra bulk to your already slim frame. Just don't wear long jumpers, as they will make you look even more shapeless and draw you out. Regardless of what shape your body is, get your fit right and you can wear whatever jumper you want in terms of colour, patterns and material. It's important to get the cut right so you look your best. That way, you can freely express yourself with as much colour or neutral colours you see fit.

… written by Jullie an experienced fashionista and passionate about new trends in fashion and clothing. She has recently written a series of articles on fashion and clothing for women.

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