A Brief History Of Jewellery

by - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Throughout the ages, jewellery has always existed in some form to represent wealth and social status. While this remains relevant to some parts of the world, the ever-changing trends and styles of jewellery over time have granted individuality to people from all walks of life and inspire us to be creative with our everyday look. Let’s take a stroll down the bejewelled road of historical trinkets.

Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians were the first known creators of jewellery and the first to place importance upon the act of adorning one’s self with objects. Their jewellery was made from material they deemed sacred such as gold, silver and coloured glass. Glass was often favoured over gemstone as it discouraged theft amongst tomb robbers, allowing their jewellery to live on in and protect them in the afterlife - a strong belief held by Pharaohs and dominant figures of the era.


Skipping ahead to the roaring twenties, jewellery styles were beginning to take their influence from starlets of stage and screen, adopting costume jewellery pieces and bold, chunky designs. Gems were cut into daring geometric shapes, paving the way for the emergence of statement necklaces. Large drop and chandelier earrings were also ruling the fashion scene among wealthy socialites.

In stark contrast to these were the other popular trends upheld by flapper girls - demure chains and long bead necklaces were all the rage since they flattered a smaller bust and made women feel elegant without any real effort.



The jewellery of the ‘70’s was heavily influenced by the various music and fashion trends of the time. Everything from glam rock to punk style brought with it a unique way to dress. Oversized pendant necklaces and chunky bangles were a palpable hit with disco lovers while punk and glam rockers favoured garish and gaudy chokers and earrings to match their outrageous hair and make-up styles, reviving audacious statement jewellery of yesteryear that still remains popular today.

Jewellery trends may come and go and even have a short-lived revival, but a piece specifically designed to mark a special occasion needs to be nothing short of timeless. Jewellery with staying power and versatility is a fine indication of quality, and you only need to view the stunning collection of designer rings by H Samuel to be convinced of this. From wedding and engagement rings to eternity bands, each is crafted to perfection in styles that will never fade.

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