Accessorizing Women's Dresses For Amazing Stunning Looks

by - Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dresses are a popular staple in women's wardrobes. They come in a variety of styles, cuts and materials that makes finding the perfect one for any occasion easy. However, you do not have to take all dresses at face value or wear them 'as it'. There are a number of different ways you can mix up the look of certain dresses to make them more or less formal or casual, depending on the look you want to achieve. Here are a few examples of how to do that and which accessories you can use to accomplish the transformation from casual to chic to formal and back again.

Blazers or Jackets

Wearing a blazer or a jacket over a sleeveless or short sleeved dress can really create a dramatic look, especially when the dress is quite plain. A blazer or suit jacket worn over a dress creates a nice, tailored business look that would be great for the office of for meetings. A cropped or denim jacket worn over a dress creates a casual look that is good for just about any occasion. Wearing these types of coverings over dresses is also perfect for people who like the look of the dress, but do not want to show their arms or bear a lot of skin.


The type of footwear worn with a dress plays a large role in how 'dressy' or 'casual' the final look will be. For instance, most people would opt to wear sandals with a nice summer sundress for a cool, beachy look. However, that same sundress worn with a pair of cowboy boots would create a totally different boho chic look. For a dresser occasion or putting on your Sunday best, summer sundresses can also be worn with heels to create a classy, sophisticated look. Mix and match lots of different kinds of shoes with various dresses to see how many looks you can create.



For dresses that are otherwise plain, wearing them with a belt creates lots of visual interest. The larger the belt, the more of an impact it will have on the end result. For example, a tiny belt worn with women's dresses would create a chic, classy look which is very dainty. A wide belt with lots of rhinestones and embellishments would be perfect for creating a more dramatic look. Belts work best with women's dresses that do not have a defined waistline because they cinch the fabric around the waist, which can lead to unsightly bunching of the fabric if the waistband is already embellishment or defined in some way.


Perhaps the best way to accessorize any outfit is with jewelry. This also holds true for women's dresses. For dresses with low-cut necklines, you can wear a variety of different necklaces to change up the style. If you're going for a classier look, opt for a single strand of pearls. If you are after a bold and eye-catching look, layer lots of necklaces of different lengths together or choose one that has large, chunky stones in bold patterns.

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