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by - Friday, September 13, 2013

With the new school year underway, parents and teens have undoubtedly recently been shopping for shirts, blazers, jumpers, trousers, skirts and shoes. Since most secondary schools adopt a set uniform, it can be pretty hard for children and teens to stand out from amongst the crowd. This would be fine if teens weren’t the most judgmental people in our society. However, the reality of the situation is that the students, who visually and fashionably stand out, will receive the most attention from their counterparts. Since most secondary schools adopt a set uniform, teens must be creative and use accessories to remain chic. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Mango’s Feather Print Scarf & Aztec Pattern Muffler

The first piece is for those young girls looking for something small and subtle to set them apart from their friends. Mango’s feather print scarf is a fantastic option and cheaply priced at just £12.99.

Boasting decorative tasseled edges; this multicolour feather print scarf is both chic and unique.

With the autumn season now kicking in, there couldn’t be a better time to wear a light scarf like this.

Designed for kids aged up to twelve it is only really ideal for those entering into school years seven or eight. One alternative from Mango for those school kids in their teenage years is the Aztec pattern muffler.

With gorgeous fringed edges, it is available for only £29.99.

Zara’s Leather City Bag With Pockets and Zips & Leather Ankle Boots With Zip

If it’s big enough to put schoolbooks inside, a nice handbag is a great way to make a fashion statement at school.

Zara’s leather city bag with pockets and zips is both spacious and gorgeous. It is the type of handbag that suggests elegance and womanhood, for those mature minded teens.

The only potential setback with the bag is that it costs a pricey £99, which might be beyond most teenagers’ means.

Of course, a gorgeous pair of shoes is probably the best way to stand out from amongst the crowd. Zara’s leather ankle boots with zip, are aesthetically brilliant, and also perfect for the impending winter season.

Available for £89.99, they are the type of boots that have been designed to last.

Mondaine’s Simply Elegant Ladies Watch

A watch is a very subtle yet effective way of adding a bit of fashion to a dull school uniform outfit and there aren’t many better suited for elegant teens than Mondaine’s Simply Elegant ladies timepiece – at least not for the £239 price it’s sold at.

Fun and sporty, yet simple and elegant its crisp appearance is enhanced by its white dial and red strap.

Unless you’re looking to splash thousands on watches like the Chanel J12 or Omega De Ville Ladymatic, there are very few more fashionable watches. What’s best about the Mondaine Simply Elegant ladies watch is that its white dial with black fingers suits white school uniform shirts.

It can be found on www.Watches-of-Switzerland.co.uk.

Vero Moda’s Luci Leopard Beanie & Babette Tube Scarf

Available for £14, Vero Moda’s Luci Leopard beanie is the type of hat that’s both distinctive and stylish.

Mainly made from soft angora, it is also incredibly comfortable and it would most definitely keep you warm throughout those cold days we can expect to soon have with autumn and winter pending.  

If you’re looking for a scarf to go with that hat, Vero Moda’s beautiful Babette tube scarf is practically the perfect match.

The differences, yet similarities in designs and patterns between these two Vero Moda accessories create a superb contrast. At £18 it is reasonably priced, if not a bargain.

It is available in both white asparagus and corsair.

George is a freelance copywriter who love to keep up to date with high street trends.

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