Benefits Of Online Dating … As Per Experience

by - Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time check: 18.27PM – I just got home from work and I am dead tired.  I’ve worked seven days straight and my body’s looking forward to its up and coming well deserved rest day, which is, the day after tomorrow.  Yey!

So while lying cozily on my spot on the sofa to rest my feet, getting lazy while tapping the keys on my lappy [and shopping for shoes online, too! --- shoe addict – guilty!] my boyfriend’s in the kitchen doing the dishes from last night.  At the same time, cooking dinner.  I’m one lucky girl, I know.  And have I mentioned that he has finished doing the laundry earlier today and he’s got enough energy left to rock my world and the kitchen?  Way to go Bebe!

Together in love for seven years [and counting], my boyfriend and I are living proofs that finding love over the internet is not a total sham.  Below is a list of benefits of online dating as per experience that you might find a good read so keep on scrolling down that mouse! *wink*

1.] Get to know someone over a cup of coffee [or hot choco, tea or whichever you prefer] without really leaving home.  It all starts with a simple HI and HELLO and well, a tiny photo adds quite a lot of magic, too!  Just like meeting someone in the “real world” for the first time, a simple friendly chat can get you a long long way!

2.] The world becomes a smaller place.  Online dating doesn’t limit you to meeting the future love of your life within your city or your country because you’ll never know.  Perhaps the one who can make your heart skip that special beat lives on your other end the world and speaks not your language.  So while you’re at it, go search the world!

3.] Goodbye to gawky first dates.  If you find first dates awkward then finding love online might be a more comfortable option for you.  No need to feel hurried, stressed or feel trapped in unpleasant dates.

4.] Openness.  From simple conversations about the weather, pets and work, in time, you both get to move on to deeper conversations.  Perhaps share a few secrets or talk about each others’ likes and dislikes, exes and future plans.  By being open, you get to know and understand each other better.

5.] Face-to-face contact when ready.  How slow or fast you both finally decide to jump into meeting eye to eye is totally up to you both.  It does not have to be perfect but fun, relaxing and definitely memorable.

Remember, do not look for the perfect soulmate because, believe it or not, he does not exist.  Instead, find someone who can give you that feeling of being loved, adored and cherished day in and day out.  When you have him, never ever let him go.  He’s rare – a real gem so keep him close to your heart!

… and when you’re really super duper lucky, you just might end up with someone who knows how to make you waffles the way you want them to be!

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