Blue Light Therapy Treats The Source Of Acne

by - Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. We have all heard this expression. But to be honest, some names do hurt. They might not physically hurt you, but they can cause a tear in your psyche or burn tiny holes into your memory banks. Who hasn’t heard people shout out names such as crater face, pimple snout and seen people’s facial expressions if they see somebody with spots? It is unfortunately a common occurrence in daily life today but there is a way to stamp out these name callings and dirty looks. It is called blue light therapy.  

Campaign for Change

Blue light therapy is a non- UV light therapy readily available which is gentle on the skin and does not cause long-term health risks. It is widely recognised that name calling can affect a person’s self-esteem and we would like to tell people who have blemishes, spots or acne to ignore these names. But wouldn’t it be great not to give the so-called name callers ammunition to fire rounds and rounds of insults at you? You bet. So start by taking care of your skin. Look after it, nurture it and know the science behind your spots.

P.S. I so want to try this product.  Will be waiting until it’s finally available in Sweden!

The Science of Spots

A spot is not just a spot; it is bacteria. That is to say it is an accumulation of sweat, the atmosphere and not washing your face properly and acne is just the same - it is a build-up of bacteria. Dermatologists say that the best way to eliminate the growth of bacterial cells is to attack them from the source. In other words, zap them from the root. But be careful, zapping needs a professional approach, so before you start taking your own army to your spots think about blue light therapy. This is one of the most effective ways of making name callers find something else to do with their time and of making your skin impeccable.

Facing up to it

A leopard doesn’t change its spots and name callers don’t change their behaviour. So the best thing you can do, unless you want to move to a foreign country where you can’t understand what people are saying about you, is to stop your spots. Stop them from being spots and stop them from ever becoming spots. The best way to do this is to use blue light therapy on them. When the blue light attacks the acne or spot cells it destroys them without affecting the surrounding tissue, causing no harm to your skin. In fact it is so gentle that you won’t even know it is there.

Stats Right

Clinical research has found that an extremely high percentage of people who have been treated using blue light therapy a couple of times a day have observed fewer spot sightings after a period of just over 14 days. The same percentage of people also noted that their complexion had remarkably changed and was gentle to the touch. This is extremely good news for you, but utterly bad news for spots, blemishes, boils and acne.

Now all you need is a pen and some paper. First of all write down all the names you can remember hearing as a child or young adult for people with spots. Shout each one out aloud to yourself and cross them off the list as you do so, erasing them from your memory and hopefully from the ether too. Then write down the words blue light therapy and look on the internet for your nearest treatment centre or treatment tool. It’s time to say goodbye to your spots.

Claire Hall is a beauty blogger and skin-care expert.

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