Having An Outdoor Wedding? 5 Things To Invest Into Before You Do

by - Sunday, September 22, 2013

Most brides envision their special day inside a chapel; however, many women are opting for a beautiful outdoor wedding setting. Outdoor weddings can be incredibly romantic, and undoubtedly a very memorable affair. Thinking of getting married in a garden, on a beachside, or even beside a lake? There are so many things to think about when throwing an outdoor wedding especially the weather, like what if it rains? That’s when you have to start thinking about backups and is always useful to check out stores like Fabric Solutions or any company that specialises in providing shelter.

Choose The Right Location

With every wedding, the location is almost important as the bride’s dress. It must be beautiful, meaningful, although practical enough without being non-traditional. The season and environment must be taken into account, making sure it suits the bride and grooms wishes. Most weddings occur during mid-spring or late summer, as the gardens are lush with bright, exotic flowers, and the sun creates a happy, lavish, excitable atmosphere.

Make Sure The Location Is Easily Accessible

The location of the wedding must be easily accessible, as well as be the main focus of attraction for guests. Make sure there is a clear pathway in and out, and remember the special needs of the elderly and disabled. Close in large spaces for a cosier feel, and make sure your doorways are wide enough to open up the area, making them seem larger and more easily accessible.

Create A Contingency Plan

One of the most vital things you need to do is create a contingency plan for unexpected occurrences. Finding a plan B location is one of the first things you need to do, as forces beyond your control can affect the outcome of your big day. Make sure you order tents if you are having an outside wedding, at least a week to two weeks in advance, and keep an eye on the weather forecast from the beginning of the month.

Take The Season Into Account

Humid areas often accompanied by sand gnats, mosquitos, and other unwanted insects. Make sure you provide an adequate amount of fans and air conditioning, as the hot weather can potentially ruin the experience of your wedding. Similarly, if the season is cold and raining, hold your wedding and reception indoors, as the cold weather can damage your experience and make many guests leave earlier than expected. Hire a few outdoor or indoor heaters, and evenly disperse them around the room to help circulate the warmth.

Pick The Right Lighting

Lighting is extremely important, as it not only needs to illuminates an area, but also needs to create an aesthetic atmosphere. From string or bulb lights to tiki torches, or even expert dramatic lighting. There is no limit as to how to light your area. Lighting is an important aspect, and should never be left to the last minute, as the worst case scenario is having a wedding in the dark. These five investments are a must-have for a perfect wedding! From location to lighting, if these details are considered, you’re on your way to celebrating the perfect outdoor wedding

…written by Ethan Sagen

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