How To Help Your Team Stand Out And Stand Proud

by - Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whenever you visit shops, restaurants and other businesses, one of the things you’ll pay attention to, perhaps only subconsciously, is how the staff appear and behave. Does each individual seem to be proud of their employer and of their own role? When dealing with you, is it a chore or a pleasure?

A terrific starting point

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said: “Little things make the big things happen”. Building a team is a collection of small acts that combine to form a cohesive whole. One of these is allowing individuals to identify themselves, and be identified, as being part of a team, group or company. An example of this is the England and Wales Cricket Board who reached a decision that every person representing their country would receive exactly the same standard and style of kit. This included the test and ladies teams and extended right through their youth and disability cricket activities.

How Brandawear can help you

A simple way to allow each person to appreciate being part of their team is to involve them in the process of building its identity. Instead of having an idea imposed on them, they are allowed to take a level of ownership of the process. One key step towards this goal is in the choice of personalised workwear. This is deliberately not referred to as a “uniform” which can suggest a lack of individual input.
This is where UK-based company Brandawear can help you. They specialise in printed or embroidered workwear. So your team members can make suggestions first about the specific garment to be created for them to wear. Depending on the image you need to present to the public this could range from a printed tee or sweat shirt to an embroidered polo shirt or piece of knitwear.

Choosing your best print option

Once the choice of garment has been made, it’s very easy to then customise it using Brandawear’s online options process. For the ultimate professional look, embroidery [where the artwork is applied using chain stitches] is stylish, long lasting and hard wearing.
If your design requires a high level of detail, or you need a larger print run, a professional screen printing process might be your preferred option. A third possibility is transfer printing, a good choice where a reasonably small number of garments is needed. This is also an excellent option if you wish to further personalise each piece with the person’s name. A newer method is also now available. Direct to garment transfer uses the latest technology to digitally print directly onto the garment in full colour.

The end result

Once all your choices have been made, and Brandawear have received your artwork, their fast turnaround time means your team won’t have long to wait. Soon they’ll be kitted out in the way they’ve decided and be proudly representing both their team and company. It was Henry Ford who said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” And he’d probably never even seen a team tee shirt!

George Christo has a passion for Customised t-shirts, work wear embroidery and teamwear – this is his job and his world. You can connect with him on Google+

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