Just In: False Lashes And Nail Polish by H&M

by - Monday, September 09, 2013

It has been ages since the last time I have put on a pair of false lashes.  1999, if I remember it right.

I was still in college back then so oh my… that was really a long long time ago so when I dropped by H&M downtown a week ago, I thought of getting myself a pair of false lashes.  I had no idea though where and when I would be wearing them.

The H&M false lashes cost 49.50 sek [8usd].  It came with an adhesive so I thought that the price was just right.  On my way to the cashier, my eyes happened to get attracted to a selection of H&M Matte Metallic Nail Polish [29.50 sek a bottle, around 5usd] and picked the silver one to add to my purchase.

I still haven’t tried putting on the lashes.  I must admit that I am uncertain on how to property wear them so I will have to check a few tutorials on YouTube first.  I might be during that during the upcoming weekend when I am off from work.

The nail polish – will not be painting them on my nails just yet.  Since chefs aren’t allowed to work in the big kitchen with painted nails [hygiene and all], I’ll also be trying it on during my off working days.  Saturday, maybe?

For some reason, shallow as it might sound, I am so looking forward to trying these two H&M products.  Yey!

Ciao for now.  The bed’s calling my name.  Will be waking up tomorrow at 4.30 am to prepare for work.  Fourteen hour shifts for Tuesday and Wednesday!  Oh yeah!

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