Making An Impact: Roller Derby Fashion

by - Sunday, September 29, 2013

The hard-hitting, fast paced sport of roller derby is certainly not for everyone, but it's unique in that the way you look plays a big part. Lots of sports attire is functional, and not that flattering, but when a roller derby girl is putting her outfit together, she’s looking to make a real statement. If you want a sport in which you can express yourself, this could be it.


The helmet is likely to be the only part of your outfit that you can't really customise. This is because different helmet patterns mark out the different types of player. You may of course be able to choose your colour, but that will depend on rules and regulations.


Teams often have a colour scheme or theme to their outfit, and it's usually most obvious on their shorts and vest. While your team might have some sort of kit, you'll often find that players make their own customisations. If there's a theme, such as waitresses or air hostesses, then you can go wild. As long as you’re easily identifiable as a member of one team, anything goes here.


Knee and elbow pads are often a matter of personal choice. Some people prefer the freedom of not being restricted in any way, and others would prefer to keep their joints safe in the event of a fall. If you choose to go for pads, then this is another potential area of customisation. Stick with the colour scheme or go for a mismatched look like something out of Mad Max.



Skates are probably the most important part of the whole outfit. There’s no doubt that they’re functional; there are all manner of combinations of bearings, heel and toe stopper types, but aesthetics are important too. You’ll often find that roller derby girls are very attached to their skates, and that they stand out from the rest of the outfit. Visit Skate Hut to see loads of different styles and designs.


It’s not just clothes that make the roller derby look. Makeup plays an important part, and is where you can really make a statement. Again, many teams will have a theme, so you might find yourself in bright red lipstick, or covered in black and white greasepaint.

This Pinterest board has lots of images of derby girl outfits for you to take some inspiration from.

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