Outfit Of The Day: It’s Colour Everywhere

by - Saturday, September 07, 2013

Often, I go for outfits with colours that go in harmony [a perfect example is my The Green Side Of Life outfit post].  I am not brave enough to conquer the world wearing clothes and accessories with contrasting hues.  I have to admit though that I envy those who are not afraid to express without limits their feelings, thoughts and emotions through mixing and matching very multicolored clothing pieces together.

That being said, just the other day, I finally gathered enough courage to step out from my comfort zone.

The outfit:

Top: An old spaghetti strap dress in green by ONLY.  Because I wanted it to have that blouse-look, I grabbed the right bottom corner which I twisted, turned and made a knot out of.
Jeans: A pair of denims in deep blue hue with silver details [front and back pockets] by KappAhl Kids [Yes… kids!].
Shoes: Ballerina footwear in red by Graceland.
Bag: Small handbag in yellow by Graceland.

To spice up a bit more, I wore a bracelet watch by Guess:

… and of course, though tired from work, wearing a smile is definitely a must to add more colour to the look:

Although I was aware that I looked like a walking Christmas tree that day, I was happy and proud to express my tired yes colourful mind-set that day.

How about you?  How do you mix and match your outfits?  do you stay within your well coordinated colored comfort zone or do you go the distance and wear colourful clothing pieces?

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