Simple And Cheap Pajama Party Ideas

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

In a week’s time, I’ll be turning 35.  Since I’ve been working long hours since 2013 kicked in, my only wish this year is to have my birthday and the day after work-free.  Lucky enough, my bosses are understanding enough to grant my heart’s desire.  This early, I can already see myself experiencing some parts of the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.  So if ever, don’t bother giving me a ring as I’ll probably not be picking up my phone.  Don’t forget to leave a message at the tone or better yet, text me instead or message me on FB.

Speaking of birthday, I am planning on making mine a bit special next year.  Nothing expensive.  A simple and affordable pajama party will do.  Here’s what… I’ve never been to a pajama party in my life and I so want to experience it on my own birthday.  What’s not to love?  Pajama parties are not that demanding.  Below is my simple and cheap pajama party ideas:

1.] Affordable event furniture hire for cushions and bolsters.    Unlike other parties, I do not need to spend much time decorating.  All I have to do is to have enough cushions and bolsters that I can rent cheaply for a couple of days scattered all over our apartment.  Cushions and bolsters give that cozy bedroom-like feel.  Take a nap or sleep when and where you want to except the bathroom/toilet, of course. *wink*

2.] Stack up on all time favourite food and snacks.  When it comes to food, I want easy and fun choices such as pancakes, french fries, ice cream, pop corn, pizza, cupcakes, chips and bowls of candies.  Straightforward and effortless to prepare.

3.] Alcohol is a no-no.  Because personally, I am not a fan of alcoholic drinks, alcohol is off-limits.  Besides, who wants to find hangover friends the morning after?  We’ll stick to water, soda and juice!  Less headaches, more fun!

4.] Karaoke board and card games.  Since I have my own karaoke machine and loads of board and card games, my pajama party activities will be entertaining and fun without costing me anything.

Oh, I can’t wait!

How about you?  What are your pajama party ideas?

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