Styling Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

by - Sunday, September 01, 2013

While the bride may be the center of attention on this special day, it is without a doubt a family affair and important that all members are looking stylish and well put together. As the mother of the bride, you will want to feel absolutely comfortable and fabulous. Here are some fashion tips on how to perfect the mother of the bride dress and look back on this memorable occasion fondly.

Fitting Tips

Look at your body shape and think about what style would be most flattering for your figure. A-line dresses and sheaths are flattering on most body types. If you are on the curvier end of the spectrum, look into fit-and-flare dresses.

Choose something that you will feel comfortable and confident wearing. It should not be too flashy—remember that it is your daughter’s day to shine. Think of classic elegance before trendy styles, and do not consider anything that is too casual. Do not choose anything too provocative or inappropriate, namely too short or too fitted.

Consider the context

Where is the wedding taking place? Location of the venue will determine the weather you can expect [but always be prepared for the unexpected!]. Accessories such as jackets, scarfs, shawls, umbrellas [for rain or to block sun], or hats can all contribute to your overall style and level of comfort.

If the venue is casual, such as a beachy location or country farm, take that into account when shopping for mother of the bride dresses. If it is a more upscale venue and event in general, make sure you dress the part. A tailored piece always works wonders.

Make It Personal

Above all else, your choice of dress and styling should express your personality. Consider whether you tend to be more classic or more fashion forward. Do you like to add in touches of texture and color, or keep things simple? These can also be expressed in your make up, by using a little color on the lips. Hairstyle is another aspect you can explore, as there are a wide variety of styles and accessories that go along with that as well.  

Accessorize Appropriately

Shoes can make or break your experience at an event. First and foremost, you want to be comfortable walking around, standing and taking pictures for prolonged periods, and navigating through any terrain that may be present. If you will be walking on grass, be advised that thin high heels will sink into the grass and make things difficult. Choose a classic flat, or wedge to avoid this issue.

Handbags are a great way to accessorize and jazz up your style for the event. If your dress is neutral, consider a printed or colored clutch to carry with you. Make sure that is can fit all of the essentials you will need access to throughout the day and night. Lipstick, camera, perfume, emergency safety pins and other items are things you should think about.

Jewelry should be classy and not too showy or extravagant. Again, think about using accessories to tie everything in together and achieve an elegant, cohesive look. 

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