Substance Abuse Warning Signs Parents Should Know

by - Thursday, September 26, 2013

If you have been suspicious of your child being on drugs or alcohol, it’s important to be sure. The following are possible indications of drug use. Keep in mind these signs alone can be just a normal teenager’s behavior or it could be a sign your teenager needs a detox and rehab program.

Changes in Their Behavior

Teenagers and their hormones are always changing. If you are thinking your child is almost someone else, this could be drug use. If your child suddenly treats family members and friends differently and becomes isolated, this is an indication of drug use. Other signs include your child is always tired, seems withdrawn, depressed, hyperactive or act extremely happy.

Drastic Change in Their Physical Appearance

If your child has always exercised excellent hygiene practices and now they are failing to keep up, it’s time to discuss what’s going on with them. Common signs are messy clothing and hair or wearing the same clothes. You may also notice your child wearing long sleeves to hide track marks in the summer months.

Noticing Items Disappearing Around the Home

If you find unusual items disappearing from around the home, this is an indication of substance abuse. They could be selling valuables or stealing your money to support a habit. Your child may start taking common items in the home to get their high. Pay attention to prescription and over the counter medication counts, smell items to see if they smell of marijuana, pay attention to unusual wrappers, rolling papers, plastic baggies, small film sheets, or seeds lying around in their room on a desk.

Issues with School or Work

The attitude of a child tells a lot. If your child has always stayed out of trouble and received good grades but lately they are not doing so well, this could be a drug indication. Other issues that could be related to drugs are the lack of interest in friends and extracurricular activities. There may also be frequent complaints from their teachers and boos about their sudden lack of responsibilities.

Noticeable Personal and Health Issues

If you are noticing excessive nose bleeds, this is an indication your child is snorting something. Watch for weight loss or weight gain, frequently being sick and nauseous, or sudden seizures. Take your child to the doctor to follow up.

Pay attention if your child is going out more frequently, locking their doors, and coming home smelling of smoke. If your child is always chewing gum, this could indicate they are covering up the smell of drug use. Munchies also indicate drug use. 

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