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The bustling city of Chennai lies on the Coramandel Coast of Southern India. The monumental metropolis is home to numerous temples both new and old. The ancient mystic temples are architectural revelations that will enthrall any cultural devotee. Wander into any Hindu place of worship within Chennai and you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of complete and utter serenity. Visit an Indian temple on any day of the week and you will find it a very humbling experience. The Hindu religion is brimming with tradition and many thousands of diligent disciples throng to pay homage to the gods. Now let's take a brief look at a couple of the idyllic temples that every tourist should visit.

The Parthasarathy Temple

This ancient temple is one of the oldest in Chennai. The extraordinary structure was constructed during the eighth century and then refurbished during the eleventh century. The magnificent place of worship is situated in Tiruvallikkeni which is regarded as one of the oldest neighborhoods within Chennai. In the area surrounding the temple there are five sacred wells that are filled with spiritual water that is said to be holier than the waters of the River Ganges. This place of worship opens from 6.30am to 1.00pm and 3.00pm to8.00pm daily.

The Sri Vadapalani Andavar Temple

This spectacular and popular place of worship was in fact built only one hundred and twenty five years ago. This temple in Vadapalani began life as a humble thatched hut that was erected for personal worship. However over the ensuing years a sum of public money and funds from a number of philanthropists helped the modest shrine to metamorphose into the ornate oracle that it is today. The times of daily devotion are as follows:

5 a.m. - Nadai

7 a.m. - Palli Arai

7a.m. - Milk Abhishekam

10 a.m. - Vibhuti Abishekham

11 a.m. - Santanam Abhisekham

12 p.m. - Uchi Kala Puja

9 p.m. - Palli Arai Puja

In the information above we have touched on one of the oldest and one of the newest temples in the region. Tourists who find themselves unable to choose which temples to visit should make a point of visiting these wondrous houses of prayer.

Chennai: The Land of Temples

Chennai is widely regarded as "The Land of Temples" and it is home to thousands of ornate places of worship. The city embraces both old and new architectural constructions but a number of the legendary temples are more than 1200 years old.

The Tyagarajar Temple at Tiruvotriyur is a colossal sanctuary and the temple itself hosts numerous colorful festivals. The grand pantheon has an immense and impressive entrance tower that beckons everyone who walks past.

Drive to the South of Chennai to visit the Tyagarajar Temple at Tiruvotriyur. This historic place of worship is said to be more than 1, 300 hundred years old. Note that the goporam [the monumental tower] to the front of the construction remains unfinished. Tourists will be welcomed to learn more about the history of the temple, the festivals and the legends.

The Kapaleeshwarar Temple at Mylapore is a grandiose modern temple that attracts flocks of tourists. The shrine is renowned for its immense and imposing tower that is stippled with intricate stucco images. The temple tank is magnificent and every January this holy place holds a float festival. The Karpakambal shrine tends to attract hoards of visitors and the Tirumurai concerts are magical.

While you are visiting Chennai there are a number of places for you to stay include the hotel chennai city centre which is only a short walk away to the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, an enchanting temple that is not too far away and one most commonly loved by tourists.

The author: I am Sam, an Australian traveller that loves spending time over seas visiting countries all around the world. I love to write about where I go and I try and give future visitors the best knowledge of what there is to see and do and where they can stay.

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