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by - Sunday, September 01, 2013

If nothing gets your heart pounding more than watching a horse race, it is very obviously a passion. For many people, collecting related items and showcasing them to the world is something that makes them happy and proud. Yet, when gathering horse racing collectibles, what should you be aware of?

What Items to Collect

When you begin collecting items, it is highly recommended to choose a theme to work around. For example, collections featuring Red Rum do particularly well given how famous the champion racehorse is. By collecting various items related to one theme, you will likely get more value out of the collection if you sell it as a whole.

Popular items to collect include:


If you want to challenge yourself as a collector, finding glasses from 1938 to 1973 that were given away during races will keep you busy. While some glasses may only be worth about £16, others can be worth well into the thousands.


Artwork depicting famous horses, riders, and races do very well in auctions. In fact, pieces can easily sell for thousands of pounds. The going price depends largely on the subject depicted, age, style, condition, and artist. However, one never really knows how well an artwork piece will capture someone's heart, so any piece have the potential to be sold for an excellent price.


While postcards may not bring in a whole lot of money as singles, they can be worthwhile if collected and sold in lots.


Programs from Triple Crown races can potentially sell for up to £200 while older programs can receive up to £660. However, you will need to ensure that the programs are in excellent condition to get the best prices. Yet, compared to other item collectors, collectors of programs are said to be a little more forgiving with the condition.


Recently, many tracks have started to give away bobbleheads of horses, jockeys, and trainers to entice more fans to go to the races. Now there are plenty of collectors that love to get their hands on specific bobbleheads. However, a bobblehead's worth largely depends on the character and how many were produced.

Where to Find Collectibles

If you want to quickly and easily find collectibles of all kinds, using websites such as eBay can help. However, you might need to have more money on hand since bidding wars can become fierce when certain items as up for grabs. Fortunately, there are also plenty of specialized collecting websites to utilize as well.

If you want to find hidden gems, browsing through yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores can prove to be very helpful. In most cases, you can find valuable items for ridiculously low prices, and especially if the owner is not aware of a particular item's real value. Yet, finding items in mint condition from yard sales and flea markets may be more of a challenge.

Gathering horse racing collectibles for pleasure or profit is a fun and rewarding hobby. With the right tools and knowledge, you can get the most of your collection for any situation.

Natasha McKenzie is an equestrian fanatic. An avid blogger, she loves to write about everything horses, including collectibles.

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