Why So Many Couples Are Hesitant About Outdoor Weddings

by - Sunday, September 01, 2013

For many couples, the idea of having an outdoor wedding might seem like the most romantic way to tie the knot, but is it? There are lots of things to consider that you wouldn’t have to worry about if everyone was safely tucked away indoors, and this can add to the cost as well as ruin what should be the most memorable day of your life.  Some of the reasons why couples are a little hesitant about taking their wedding outdoors are listed below for you.

Mother Nature and Her Unpredictability

This is possibly the biggest reason why anyone will opt for an indoor wedding. Mother Nature can be highly unpredictable. Of course, you can rely on the weather forecast but these people of science are not always right and you can bet your wedding day will be the one time they do get it wrong! Rain is an obvious issue but so is the heat. Most people who attend a wedding will be dressed up. For women this means hats and dresses, and for men it means suits and ties. Whilst women find it much easier to dress for warmer weather, it’s not so easy for men and you don’t want someone collapsing with heat exhaustion just as you’re about to say “I do”.

Even a windy day can cause its problems. Outdoor weddings will, at the very least have an archway of some sort for the happy couple to stand under, and there will be chairs, flowers and maybe a table with drinks. These can all be affected by the wind, and if it’s particularly strong you may end up chasing your chairs around your chosen spot.

Rising Costs for your Outdoor Wedding

It is possible to have an outdoor wedding on a budget, but you will find that you have to think about things you wouldn’t normally. For a start, you will need to create a space that’s romantic and this means using some of the items mentioned above. For instance, if you choose a church for your ceremony you won’t have to worry about providing somewhere for people to sit, or creating a flower adorned archway for you to stand under. All of this should be factored into the overall cost of your wedding, especially when it comes to the state of the father of the bride’s blood pressure!

Animals, Insects and Other Considerations

Depending on the time of year you intend to get married, you have all sorts of other potential issues. In summer people might be bothered by various flying insects that can bite or sting. It’s also tempting for some guests to turn up with their dogs, and if they’re not kept under control accidents can happen which you won’t find very funny at the time!

It’s not impossible to have the perfect outdoor wedding, but for the reasons above it’s easy to understand why so many couples are hesitant about it. If you’re a couple who love being outdoors, there are things you can do to avoid potential problems, but you should think about the fact you will need additional items to help stop things like the weather from interfering with your big day.

Article provided by Amy from Griffin Toilet Hire

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