6 Safety Gadgets For Stay at Home Seniors

by - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Senior citizens in their golden years look forward to enjoying their retired life, but the effects of old age can make it difficult for them to manage their daily routine. Many people experience problems of weak eyesight, hearing loss, memory loss, and limited mobility as they grow older.

Advances in technology have created effective solutions to help senior citizens enjoy an independent and safe life while living alone. Let’s explore these great safety gadgets and learn how they can improve the quality of life for the elderly.

Personal Emergency Response System

A major concern of senior citizens who live alone is the possibility of having a medical emergency when no one is at home to assist them.

  • People experience a decrease in mobility and coordination as they grow older, which makes them more prone to having accidents.

  • Senior citizens also have an increased risk of developing serious health issues that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

A personal emergency response system enables people in need to alert a medical response center of their situation. Many people who experience a medical emergency may not be near a telephone, fail to grab a phone or call a number for help. Personal emergency response systems provide senior citizens with a single emergency button that can be worn around their neck or on their wrist so they can easily reach out for help.

The Components of a personal emergency response system:

  • Radio Transmitter

  • A console connected to the telephone

  • An emergency response center

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems allow families to keep an eye on their aging family member in a variety of ways.

  • These systems come with motion, door, and temperature sensors to help caregivers monitor activity.

  • Monitor systems also have the capability to record the readings from medical devices such as glucometers and pulse oximeters.

  • Families can easily manage their relative’s medication by placing sensors on medication cabinets and containers.

  • Some monitoring systems even come with multi-media socialization, which is an easy way for senior citizens to share pictures and messages with their loved ones.

Caregivers usually review the results from monitoring systems through a website or by email.

Global Positioning System

Most people associate GPS systems with cell phones and automobiles, but these devices can also be made into wristbands to track the location of a person at all time.

  • GPS systems allow the family of elderly people to know where their loved one is when they are unable to reach them by telephone.

  • Senior citizens with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often forget where they are and how to get home. GPS systems help families locate their missing relative without having to enlist the help of the local police department.

  • Most senior citizens feel safer when they wear a GPS device and utilize the technology for driving directions when they are travelling.

Audio Visual Alert System

The visual and hearing difficulties that many elderly people experience often prevent them from hearing the telephone and doorbell.

  • An audio visual alert system notifies someone of an incoming phone call or a visitor at their door with a loud buzzing sound and flashing light.

  • These devices also come with an intercom system to protect senior citizens from intruders. An alert system is inexpensive and easy to install.

Standard features of audio visual alert systems are:

  • Modular device

  • Dual audio and visual alarms

  • Flashing strobe light

  • Surface and wall mount

  • Telephone Interface

  • Dual LED

Automatic Pill Reminders

Since people begin to see an increase in health issues as they grow older, it can be difficult for them to manage their medications.

  • Automatic pill reminders have alarms and timers on containers to alert someone that it’s time to take their medication.

  • There are also pill reminder services that will contact someone by phone or email.

Cooking Monitor System

Families of elderly people living on their own always fear the chance of a fire in case the senior adults forget to turn off the electrical appliances or leave the gas on.

  • Many kitchen fires occur when someone leaves the kitchen unattended or sets the temperature too high.

  • Cooking monitor systems limit the temperature and will turn off the stove top when it reaches a certain level.

Whether you are someone living alone and battling the physical and mental stresses that come with age, or are worried about an elderly relative, there are many safety gadgets to help older people manage their daily life.

Personal emergency response systems allow someone to contact a medical response center for assistance with the quick touch of a button. Monitor systems track the location and activity of a loved one to ensure their safety. Senior citizens can rely on automatic pill reminders to help manage their medication. Not only do safety gadgets help the elderly maintain their independence, but they also make life more safe and less stressful for them and their family members.

Nina James is the Social Media Coordinator with medicalguardian.com that provides affordable home medical alert system. Medical Guardian is recommended by leading hospitals / healthcare for their excellent services.

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