At 35–Happy, Loved And My Sweet Facts Of Life

by - Monday, October 07, 2013

My sweet facts of life:

Time flies when you’re having fun – a blessing!

Time flies when  you’re busy with work – a blessing!

Time flies when you’re in love – best blessing ever!

Today is October 7, 2013 and as much as I want to stop time from slipping away too fast, I’ve waken up this morning realizing that hey… I am another year older!  Ta-dah!

Speaking from the heart, adding another candle on my birthday cake scares me out of my wits and at times makes me feel muddled.  However, opening my eyes this morning right next to that only someone who can knock me off my feet assures me that I’ll never grow old alone and lonely.  Because of that, I’m not afraid anymore.

Looking back, it feels great that I did not let some people hold me back from getting into a long distance love affair.  I mean, why should I?  It was like magic, really nice and I knew from that very moment that there was no letting go.  Since then, my heart’s been dancing to a happy beat.  *blush blush*

Speaking of our long distance relationship’s history [well, sort of] quite a number of friends [and not that much of a friend] asks me every now and then of our secret to finding love online the right way.  Well, here’s another fact, there’s no secret at all.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve done your research on a particular online dating reviews site or not, created a simple profile or something super dashing, come up with a a quite short or a very long list of likes and dislikes, most parts of the outcome are totally up to you.

So here’s what, before I finally log off [will have to hit the grocery store to grab some stuff for my birthday dinner later], let me leave you with a straightforward guide on e-dating etiquette:

1.] Keep it real.  No one likes a dishonest partner… not even you!  So avoid pretending.

2.] Be patient.  If patience is not one of your qualities then you have to practice it when dating online.  Remember that finding your knight in a shining armour doesn’t happen in a snap so breathe in, breathe out and be cool.  According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” --- true that!

3.] Have self-confidence but don’t be pompous.  When going on a date, whether its offline or online, you have to wear that sleeve of self-confidence that will help you bring the best out in you.  But don’t overdo it or else you’ll end up scaring off your date.

So there you go!  The rest is up to you!

How about you?  If you’ve found love online, what are your tips on how to behave when e-dating?

Before I hit the grocery shop, here’s a photo of my birthday-blogging lazy buddy, Neko:

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